10 Romantic Beach Ideas to Try on a Dare

Here are 10 romantic beach ideas to jump-start your romance!

1) Take a moonlight walk along the shore – Stroll along the sandy beach, hand in hand, and talk about anything under the sun – or moon, as the case may be. A moonlit stroll, just the two of you, can be one of the most relaxing, romantic beach ideas you may find.

2) Splash in the surf – chase each other around in the waves! Play tag, and the one caught must give the other a kiss. Or make up your own rewards for the winner.

3) Share a blanket together – spread a quilt or blanket on the sand, under a shady umbrella, and just lay back. Take a nap, or snuggle. No agenda, no cell phones, no interruptions. This time is for you!

4) Build a sand castle together – re-discover your inner kid and construct a sand castle. This project can’t help but improve your couple communication skills, and you’ll have a sense of achievement when you view the finished product.

5) Find a great spot for romantic beach photos – take turns snapping photos of each other with the sand, waves, and shore as your backdrop. Destinations like Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach provide fantastic photo ops.

6) Slather sun block on one another – this one is really fun. Take it slow and sensual, and you’ll either put your partner into a relaxed trance, or prepare him or her for sexy fun later in the evening!

7) Fly a kite together – this brings back memories of childhood innocence. Kites are perfect for
bringing couples together, and there’s something about watching that flimsy contraption of paper and string floating on the breeze.

8) Have a picnic on the beach – great romantic beach ideas include picnics on the sand. Spread a blanket, unpack your picnic basket (be sure to include a bottle of wine!), and lay back. With a picnic on the beach, you ca feed each other (both literally and figuratively).

9) Attend a beach music festival – many resort destinations put on beach music festivals that include live bands and dancing. Just make sure you stay hydrated!

10) Make love on the beach – you moonlit walk could turn more sensual, so be prepared. Take a blanket or towel, and make sure of your privacy. Then – well, you know what to do.

BONUS TIP! Of course, the most romantic beach idea of all – get married on the beach! Resort destinations like Jekyll Island are perfect for beach weddings, where you can make memories for a lifetime together.

With a little imagination and a sense of humor, there’s no reason not to enjoy romance on the beach. How many romantic beach ideas can you come up with?

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