5 Tips To Get Boxing Shoes That Knock You Out

Boxers know the importance of stepping into the ring with the right gear. While boxing gloves are given top priority, boxing shoes are the next that you should pay attention to. For those of you unaware, boxing shoes are designed with special features. These include foot padding, ankle supports and textured bottoms to enhance performance and also reduce the risk of injury during bouts.

If you are out on the market to purchase a pair of boxing shoes for your next game, here’s a list of the aspects to factor in.

1. Material –

Material choices matter because they influence the comfort level, the weight and the durability of the shoe. The most commonly used material is suede and leather for the uppers. Nowadays, shoe manufacturers also add a layer of mesh fabric. Both these materials are extremely lightweight and breathable. Try the shoe before you buy it to understand how heavy it feels. You don’t want your boxing shoes being hindrance during a crucial match

2. Size and Fit –

Size definitely matters if you are looking at maximum comfort and the highest performance level. Your boxing shoes should fit snug, but should not be so tight it causes shoe bites. Boxing shoes tend to be narrower than regular street shoes; hence for people with wider feet checking the size and fit is crucial. Zippers and laces might also affect comfort level especially if they hurt the foot.

The shoe should not only fit properly, but also offer optimum support. The sole should be well-cushioned as the games involve continuous bounce moves. Make sure there is enough cushioning around mid-sole. You can always add an insert for more arch support; however, there are rules against its use in selected states for professional matches. The outer sole is typically made of rubber to allow fluid footwork without the fear of slipping or pivoting. A slightly textured sole also gives you good grip and traction when changing directions.

3. Shape –

Discussing shape, there is a broad distinction between high top and low top boxing shoes. Each has their benefits. A low top boxing shoe hits just below the ankle while a high-top sneaker extends above the ankle of the wearer. The low top shoes are comfortable to wear and enhance speed, but they don’t offer the ankle support one needs the game of boxing. It reduces the risk of ankle injuries by prevent ankle twists. The right cut, high-top or low-top, differs from the boxer-to-boxer. It depends on how you play your game. Do you need speed or support?

4. Look –

Boxing shoes are meant to be functional, but there’s nothing like getting a pair that combines good looks with high performance. There is a great variety to choose from; they are available in subtle shades for those who like to keep it muted as well as flashy styles and bright colors for boxers who like to bring style to the ring.

5. Boxing, not wrestling shoes –

Boxing and wrestling shoes are not the same. If this is the first time you are shopping for boxing shoes, go to a reliable sports supplier who can help you see the difference and make the right pick.

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