All Inclusive Holidays to Kenya – Nyali Beach

The Kenyan beach resort of Mombasa is probably the best known holiday resort on the Kenyan coast. However, the real resorts are along the coast of Mombasa. One of these is the Nyali beach area situated to the North of the city. There are plenty resorts to choose from and is also plenty to see and do

Mamba Village situated behind Nyali beach is, despite what the name suggests, a crocodile farm. It has a series of semi-natural pools staged in a disused quarry that houses literally thousands of crocodiles at all stages of development. There is also the Botanical Garden and Aquarium which includes a half hour tour around the snake parks and gardens. Perhaps the most surprising thing about the garden and aquarium that it specialises in the weirdest things it could possibly find.

Nyali beach also offers its own treasure. The South of the beach is the Shiva cave where you can see a natural representation of the Hindu god Shiva in the form of a Stalagmite. There are also natural representations of Shiva’s son Ganesh.

Despite Kenya’s reputation being just a beach holiday destination there is still plenty to do if you fancy time away from the beach and pool. All inclusive holidays to Kenya allow the freedom to relax but still having the option of doing things outside the resort that are easy to get to. Kenya beach holidays can be a mixture of relaxation and fun and with plenty of resorts to choose from Nyali beach is a perfect mixture of rest and relaxation and things to do if you choose.

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