Anguilla Vacations

Having a vacation is one of the most awaited times in every person’s busy schedule. Beaches and resorts are great places when it comes to vacations. Activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and sailing are very much enjoyable; even just hanging out like a beach bum is simply great.

Getting a beach vacation for your honeymoon is one of the best wedding ideas you can think of. Your honeymoon is like your wedding, it will only happen once; of course, you can always remarry your spouse or have a second or third honeymoon but your first would be the most memorable.

One of the top honeymoon locations in the world is Anguilla. It is located east of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and north of Saint Martin. This Caribbean Island has more than 30 stunningly beautiful beaches to choose from and every beach has its own wonderful characteristic that you’ll surely love. The island is famous for its magnificent and ecologically important coral reefs, perfect for those who simply love under the sea beauty.

Anguilla beaches are very famous and even celebrities stay there and spend their vacations and holidays. Shoal Bay East is one of the ten best beaches in the Caribbean and the most well-known beach on Anguilla. The sand is very powdery and goes a mile with incredible coral reefs at some point; there are also several beach bars and open-air restaurants along the beach.

Anguilla’s main port is the Sandy Ground beach. If you want some nighttime activities, you’ll definitely like this beach. You have everything there – excellent restaurants, leisure, and even grocery store. One of the highlight of this beach is the annual boat race. It is such an enormous party. If you want to do some hiking, Captains bay would be the perfect beach. It is lined with spectacular coral reefs and both ends have rock cliffs; swimming is not recommended on this beach because the waters carry a strong under-toe instead you can pack your lunch, go hiking, and have a picnic there.

Little Bay is a small quiet beach, perfect for honeymoons. Though it is a famous destination, the beach is not usually crowded because it is difficult to reach unless you’ll go there by sailing. Another quiet beach for honeymooners is Long Bay. It is also the perfect place for sunbathing and relaxation.

Rendezvous bay is a mile long stretch of powdery sand with peaceful water with a great view. This beach is perfect for swimming and because there’s no shade on this part, you’ll have to bring an umbrella. Cove bay is an excellent choice for swimming. It is lined with sand ridges and a tender curved beach.

Aside from the above mentioned beaches, there are still more beaches to choose from at Anguilla. Different restaurants with their own specialties are anywhere to be found. Wide ranges of accommodations are at hand in every beach; from luxurious down to low-cost villas and hotels. There are also car rental services for those people who want to explore the exotic beauty of Anguilla.

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