Ballet Shoes – The Importance of Wearing the Right Ones

Ballet Shoes – The Importance of Wearing the Right Ones

The major reason which determines the purchase of the ballet shoes is comfort. Being a ballerina you always expect your feet movements to match with the theme of the dance and shoes are the major fact which influences it. If these are comfortable then the ballerina simply forgets the idea of wearing a shoe and concentrates more on her dance.

There are wide varieties of ballet shoes present in the market and it is often quite confusing to choose the ones which match your feet. Ballet shoes basically for foot support of the ballerina. If you are a beginner then go for the soft ballet shoes made up of leather, satin and canvas material made up of full sole or half sole. Full sole offers full support to the feet extending from the foot to the toe. Beginners are to wear the full sole shoes until their foot muscles are eligible to do the pointe step.

Pointe step is one of the important aspects of a ballet dance and one requires complete control over their legs to do this step. Through vigorous dance sessions and hard work the muscles present in the arch of the ballerina’s foot develops making it easy to do pointe steps. Now as the dancer advances to this stage they can wear split sole shoes. These set of shoes has a break between heel and ball of the foot and thereby brings in more flexible movements to the feet to bring in a stunning performance.

Performing pointe step indicates that there is good muscle and bone growth in the arch of the ballerina’s foot. During the dance and workout sessions often the shoes undergo a good amount of endurance causing wear. Hence it is important to choose the right fabric which is both light weight and resistant to wear. Ballet pointe shoes are available in leather and satin materials. Of the both leather is best as it offers good comfort and great resistance to wear. Maintenance is easy for leather shoes and also is more breathable. Satin is more delicate than leather shoes with the same features and if you prefer these set then use them during important stage performances. If you prefer for a cheaper purchase then go for satin shoes. Once you have decided the type of shoe and fabric then try wearing them on and the best ballet shoes is available in many leading stores, preferably choose the brands.

If you don’t find a good store nearby then shop online. Some portals are ready to offer discounts even for the branded ones and the only thing to do is to surf for them. Get the ballet shoes according to your foot size and there is also option of exchanging your shoe if you are not convinced or does not fit well.

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