Boogeyman 2 – The Review Of The Boogeyman Movie

Boogeyman is a dark imaginary creature created by desperate mothers who just want to control their hyper active children and put them to sleep. Well what happens, when the Boogeyman becomes real? What if he really gets up from underneath your bed a fine midnight and kill you mercilessly? The movie is all about exploring this possibility.

In the start, the parents of a small girl and her brother get stabbed right in front of their eyes, who they assume to be Boogeyman. Day by day, their phobia of the Boogeyman increases. Well at near 17’s the boy, called Henry gets admitted to a mental rehabilitation centre. But the sister that is Laura, maintains that she is perfectly fine and doesn’t need any treatment . But later when her brother gets discharged from the centre, Laura starts getting nightmares and she voluntarily opts into the mental rehabilitation centre.

She expects to heal herself from the Boogeyman phobia. But instead, she starts seeing him everywhere in the centre. There are a lot of brutal murders in the centre, and Laura keeps on insisting that the killer is none other than the Boogeyman himself. No one believes her. This is how the story goes and how does Laura manage to escape from the Boogeyman, when she is the last person to remain alive in the centre.

The entire movie is filled with gore and suspense . And not to forget the sudden screaming, banging, chasing sounds throughout, which adds more scare to the movie. Dr Allan, played by Tobin Bell is convincing in his role of being a head psychiatrist and you always get a doubt that Dr Allan is the Boogeyman himself. Ironically Tobin Bell has played a part of the psycho ( Jigsaw) in the SAW series.

I would like to add that The Boogeyman 2 is a mixture of elements from Saw ,hostel genre and I know what you did last summer, Urban Legend genre.

The Boogeyman is a excellent movie overall and i would rate the movie 8 on 10.

And don’t forget, be frightened of the Boogeyman !

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