Cayman Islands Fact File

Holiday Hut’s Cayman Islands Holiday specialist has put this fact file on the Cayman Islands together to help you decide that it is the destination to visit in 2010.

Getting There

BA flies direct from London Heathrow four times a week. Direct does not mean non stop. There is a touch down at the Bahamas for around 90 minutes.

When to Go

On the whole the weather is good all year round. The trade winds also ensure it doesn’t get too hot. The peak season runs between December and April, and the rainy season runs from May to November. Hurricane season is from 1st June until 30th November. It could be said that the rainy season as the best time to visit as room rates may be cheaper and the beaches less crowded. As the rain comes in short, sharp bursts it usually does not ruin the day.

Where to Stay

Most of the larger hotels and apartments are right on Seven Mile Beach. I recommend the Marriott Beach Resort as it has an artificial reef just a few metres from the beach, the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman if you are after some luxury, the Westin Casuarina Resort as they do a great breakfast and the Sunshine Suites for the excellent rooms and free WiFi. The Sunshine Suites are not on the beach, but around a 4 minute walk away.

Caribbean Island Paradise

Seven Mile Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. Thanks to its barrier reef the sea is generally very calm and safe for inexperienced swimmers.


When paying in cash you have the choice of paying in the local currency Cayman Islands Dollars (CI$), or in USA dollars. If you pay in US$ your change will be in CI$. However card payments are all in US$.


Even though Grand Cayman is a small island, there are plenty of attractions for you to experience. A comprehensive list can be found in a monthly activity guide. This guide also has discount vouchers. For more information visit

On or In the Water! The seas around the Cayman Islands are among the best in the world for water sports. There are numerous companies that can help you to make the most of the seas, including diving, snorkelling, sailing and fishing. Your hotel or travel provider will be able to recommend a company to you.

Based in George Town, the Atlantis Submarine will take you down 100ft giving you the opportunity to see park of the Cayman Islands National Marine Park including the World Famous Cayman Wall. A commentary will both entertain and inform you. And you won’t get wet!

The Jolly Roger has a choice of two regular cruises, a Pirate Adventure which is a two hour coastal tour back in time where the crew re-enact pirate trials, sword fights, wage attacks on in-port cruise ships and other swashbuckling antics. The second is a Sunset Cruise, this is a two and a half hour coastal cruise. There is the choice of a dinner or appetiser cruises. Both feature an open bar, music and breathtaking views.

The best way to see the beauty of Grand Cayman. Cayman Islands Helicopters offers you an experience available no where else on the island. Choose from a choice of three tours, 7 Mile Beach Tour for cruise passengers, the Island Tour, and the Stingray Tour.

Night Time

The music may stop at midnight on Saturdays, but Grand Cayman offers an eclectic night time scene, featuring a wide range of options. Seven Mile Beach has a range of resort bars, which are a mix of causal and upmarket.

The is also a wide range of night clubs as well, visit for a list of some of the best ones.

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