Cheerios For Fish Food – How to Feed Fish

What is the best fish food for your pets and or for your tropical showcases of salt water fish? Everyone has a different opinion about this one. But some have chosen their fish food merely by what the pet store tells them. That really limits you and limits your fish. If you are looking to grow, large, healthy, creative and unusually happy fish, then you need to go one step above what the fish guy tells you.

First you decide the purpose for your fish, the reason why you purchased them or obtained them other ways and then after you figure out your purpose, you can then figure out the proper food for them. Do you want regular, tiny fish swimming in the tank, run of the mill fish? Or do you want prize fish, fish that look a little bigger, fish that are a little more happier? Do you want to see your fish run to the top of the tank to get their old, dried fish food or do you want them to eat more like they eat out in nature, in the wild, by hunting for their own food, and getting that exercise that this hunting gives to them?

If you want the more natural feeding, then you would choose , live food. Next step below that would be frozen food that was once live and last but not least, is that dried food or flake food that comes in those round cylinders.
Here are things to consider when buying fish food:

1. Are your fish bottom feeders or top feeders? Bottom feeders might enjoy food that will drop to the bottom and or float-either way. Buy some Tubifex live worms. The pet store guy will have these in the refrigerator there. They look like brownish, reddish messy ball of tiny string worms. They smell horribly but I gather the fish love this. If you drop a small ball in the tank your fish will scurry up to get them immediately.

2. If you have salt water fish or tropical fish, you might want to try live brine shrimp as their meals. Of course you can supplement any fish meals with dried or flake food also.

You can purchase brand name food or no-frills food and your fish will survive just as well. So , how do I know this? I was raising some feeding fish once, and I ran out of fish food. So I crushed some Cheerios between my fingers and I fed the fish that food. They loved it, thrived on it so I never went back to using regular fish food. These fish grew big, from tiny little feeding fish. So my Cheerios were successful. Do not try anything that I write about as this was my own experience and I cannot guarantee it works for you or your particular kind of fish. IF you were going to experiment with this, you might begin by using your regular fish food and supplementing with Cheerios. That is just a thought, not a suggestion or instruction. Good luck!

If you have a fish that has a good possibility to grow larger and you want a large fish, you can begin feeding that fish tubifex and graduate to real earthworms as the fish gets larger. You can have one astronautis oscellatus in your tank, that you purchased when he was about half-inch long, and by feeding and raising this fish properly, you can grow this same fish to be one or two feet big. Amazing growth for an amazing fish. We had one like this and fed huge, large earthworms to him. The original fish cost us under two dollars and grew to be quite a monster.

Remember when you are buying a fish, sometimes you will pay next to nothing for the fish itself. What brings the real expense to the hobby of raising fish is the feeding, housing, filtering of water and the decorative aspects of displaying the fish and tank. Hope this article helped you. Read my other articles that will be published in the near future about fish food, feeding fish, raising guppies, and more specific articles about specific fish and fish-related hobbies. The author has raised fish in the past, and has had experience raising and caring for many different kinds of animals throughout the years of her life. Any and all questions, comments and remarks are greatly appreciated.

I write from the heart about many subjects, and the experience that I write about is from life. If you read any pet articles here on my webpage, most times, I have had those pets, raised them or watched the pets for other people.

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