Desert Safari Activities – The Perfect Arabian Adventure

Visitors as well as locals can take advantage of the numerous distinct activities in Dubai city. These tourist activities also include desert safari excursions in Dubai along with sightseeing tours. Let’s find out about those activities that make for the perfect Arabian adventure.

Two types of skiing are among the famous tourist activities in Dubai. One is part of Ski Dubai and the other is part of Dubai’s natural beauty that is its deserts. Sliding down on the sands is popularly known as sand skiing. This activity is a lot of fun and you can try various tricks after watching the professionals ski in style.

Apart from camel safaris in Dubai, quad bikes are another way to explore the undulating terrains of the deserts in Dubai. Most Dubai tour companies will allow you to experience this activity in the morning or in the evening. You can explore the beautiful yet mysterious desert at on own pace on quad bikes in Dubai and make this activity unforgettable.

Evening desert safaris are mostly elaborate. This safari includes some of the best desert activities including those mentioned above and ends with camping in the desert. The camp is the best part of this safari tour in Dubai especially for those who live to eat. During this evening desert camp you will be served hot and juicy barbecued chicken, lamb, turkey or beef (usually part of the menu). As if your meal wasn’t special enough, you will be left completely entertained by special fire dancing, belly dancing and tanoura dancing performances during your evening desert tour in Dubai.

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