Discover a Safari of a Lifetime in Maasai Mara and More Gems in Kenya For a Holiday of a Lifetime!

Discover a Safari of a Lifetime in Maasai Mara and More Gems in Kenya For a Holiday of a Lifetime!

Kenya has a variety of boutique and luxury hotels that will spoil the most discerning traveller? Did you know that the Kenyan coast is one of the best sites for deep sea fishing and scuba diving? That second to the Congo forest, Kenya has the widest variety of birds (over 1,400 species) that the Kite surfing festival in Mombasa is now in its fourth year? That Kenya has been voted the best undiscovered golf destination of the world? Discover new experiences and activities and to attain bragging rights for going off the beaten track and beyond beach and safari!

The home of safari still has the most spectacular safaris but it also has many undiscovered gems. So you like water, you can enjoy cruising in the creeks or getting more active and getting in there with the extreme sports. Kite surfing, wind surfing, deep sea fishing, jet skiing, wake boarding – the list is endless. The coral reef creates perfect grounds or snorkeling and for those that are more ambitious, scuba diving. You may also have the fortune of spotting a whale shark or even swimming with Dolphins.

Not to be outdone, the Great Rift Valley boasts beautiful lakes all waiting to be discovered. Lake Bogoria with hot springs that can boil an egg! Lake Baringo with the most birds sighted in Kenya in a day – 450 in 24 hours; Lake Nakuru with the most resplendent view of pink flamingoes – watch them in majestic flight formations. Lake Naivasha, the first airport serving Nairobi, is perfect for that lake-front wedding, as long as you do not mind the hippos as on lookers as you say ‘I do’.

Witness the great migration in Maasai Mara between August and October. Float over the Maasai Mara in a hot air balloon, only to be welcomed with a delicious champagne breakfast when you return to the ground. Sleep under star beds and listen to the lions roar in the night. There are also several eco-lodges in Kenya which you can choose from. And if conservation is close to your heart, Lewa Conservancy has guides with encyclopedic knowledge of the diverse wildlife. You will also have a chance to visit a Maasai manyatta – get close to the rich depth of culture in Kenya.

Perhaps you are a movie enthusiast and want to track the different locations movies were shot. From Karen Blixen’s ‘Out of Africa’ to John le Carre’s ‘Constant Gardener’ you will have an exhilarating time tracing your favourite movies. You will traveling through different parts of Nairobi and on to the far flung shores of Lake Turukana which has the most amazing jade coloured waters on a back drop of black volcanic rocks. And what is a trip to Kenya today without visiting the ancestral home of the newest celebrity who has taken the world bu storm – Barack Obama. When following in the stars footsteps is over, enjoy the sun setting from your balcony overlooking Lake Victoria’s Mfangano Island.

For the discerning traveller going to Kenya for the first time there is a lot to explore. For the connoisseur of Kenya, there is still more to discover. Safari Njema!

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