Do’s and Don’t of Male Thong Underwear

When we talk about thongs, how can forget Egyptians as they were ones who bought thongs among us? Let’s get into the detail.

Around 1570 B.C., this practice was spread among the Minoan and Mycenean culture.
The ancient and modern thongs were almost the same in design. They were worn by hunters-gatherers and were worn throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe. Fur, feathers, and skin of prey were used in the construction of thongs. This was around 42,000 BC.
In 200 BC, tiny thongs became famous not because of their aesthetic appeal but because of their functionality. If you closely observe Japanese swimmers and sumo wrestlers, you will find them wearing this underwear. They use to call it fundoshi.
Later on, in 1970, Rudi Gernreich created thong bikini. A year later it was sold as underwear too although people were wearing it as a beachwear more instead of wearing it as underwear. Brazilian people became a huge fan of this style of underwear hence they started wearing it as beachwear.
Thongs got a huge success in very little time. It made 90% of underwater sales in the early 2000s. In the year 2002, around 123 million thongs were sold in the US. That’s was like a huge success.
Although Male thongs are flexible enough, still there are some Do’s and Don’ts which you need to follow.


1. Must know what’s hidden inside:
Men’s thongs come in a variety of styles such as G-strings, Tanga or Samba and the traditional one. Every style has its own style of covering. Traditional ones offer full coverage in the front and come with a wide waistband. Also, a strip of fabric is about 1in wide or narrow which slides between the buttocks.
The second style is the G-string. In G-String you will find a waistband of about ΒΌ in or narrow strip of elastic. There is a small triangle-like fabric in the front. Tanga or can be said as samba is like your regular underwear. These are also called the Brazilian cut that rides low on the waist area and covers more flesh on both front and rear than any other thong underwear. Being novelty underwear it is not meant for everyday purposes as it can spoil their charm. Avoid that. Due to the cut, which is extremely high, highlights the side muscles of the thighs.
There is no such rule that you have to make yourself comfortable in all the styles, just find the right one for you that’s it.

2. Try different fabrics:
Thongs, G-strings, bikinis are not meant for everyone. They need confidence and attitude to pull off if you have that, it’s great. Try them in different fabrics when you feel comfortable in it. There are a lot of fabrics, colors, patterns available in this category but let me tell you that not every fabric serves the same kind of purpose for example when it’s about daily wear look for the ones in cotton as these are highly lightweight and breathable at the same time. Similarly, when it’s about having some fun, silk, lace, and satin are the best options.

3. Measure properly:
Make sure you have the correct measurements, before looking for your type of male thongs. There is no sense of having abs, toned thighs and legs if your underwear keeps on slipping. Doesn’t matter if you measure yourself five times also, attaining the correct measurement is important. Measure it once and note down the number, after that take off your lingerie and again measure and note. When you are completely satisfied, then go ahead. Always pick one size bigger than your regular ones just to experience a pleasant feeling.
After all, comfort matters the most.

4. Change them regularly:
To maintain a good hygiene level, change your male lingerie every single day as bacteria spread very easily in thongs underwear as compared to regular ones. To have a better sanitary experience look for the one which is one size larger than your normal size. Cotton thongs are must-have in case you feel like staying away from bacterial infection.

5. No hair down there:
When you are planning to wear thongs, shave your underneath part and keep it clean. This adds up for personal hygiene. Also, it works like a bonus in your case at the time of intimate affairs.


1. Wear them every day:
Men’s thongs are novelty underwear so you should avoid wearing them every day as you will lose it’s the charm at an early stage. Keep them safe for your special occasions. Silk, cotton, nylon, etc are fabrics used in it. Harsh detergents are prohibited. You can choose other styles such as jockstraps for men and lots more.

2. Wear low-rise jeans:
These are perfect for high waist jeans or trousers. You may try a few tricks just to be sure whether it’s visible or not, such as sit, bend, do some squats in front of a mirror. If it’s not visible, great but if it is there, avoid wearing low-rise jeans, wear a belt to cover it up or you can even pull out your long shirt

3. Wear them when you are sick:
When you are suffering from diseases such as diarrhea or food poisoning avoid carrying them as it can cause discomfort due to the breeding of germs. Go for other styles such as men’s briefs, boxer shorts, etc.

4. Buy the wrong size:
The wrong size won’t do any good for you. Chafing, rashes, itchiness are what you have to face if you choose the wrong size of male thongs underwear. Apart from that if you bought a large size, chances of slipping down are higher and if you buy a smaller size, be ready to stay suffocated till the time you are inside them.

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