Dressing Your Feet in Breckenridge

Colorado is an active state, particularly in mountain towns like Breckenridge. Packing for a vacation or even a weekend getaway that involves outdoor activity can prove tedious when it comes to dressing your feet. And, since Breckenridge is a great town for active adventure seekers, you might consider giving your feet some extra consideration if you plan to explore the trails and local scenic spots.

  • Protect Your Ankles: Are you planning an aggressive hike that will require a lot of elevation gain, climbing, or walking through rocky paths? In these cases, it’s usually best to pack a pair of hiking boots that are high enough to cover your ankles, securing them and giving you the extra protection to avoid sprains and twists. You should also look for boots made of Gore-Tex, or other water resistant or waterproof material, depending on the likelihood of water along the trail.
  • Trail Running Tips: If you are planning to cruise through Breckenridge trails by jogging or running, chances have it that you are going to choose a trail that is less technically focused on climbing boulders or crossing rocky paths. In these cases, your feet are better off with trail running shoes that are sturdier than gym shoes, but leave the ankle exposed and are of a lighter weight than hiking boots. Once again, any shoe made out of Gore-Tex will keep you dry from streams or afternoon showers.
  • The Water Factor: Many trails in Breckenridge will wind through, around, and across water streams. A sturdy sandal that keeps your foot strapped in, such as a Chaco, is a good choice for easy or even some moderate trails. Remember, however, that a sturdy outdoor sandal will expose most of your foot. While this type of sandal will help when crossing those water streams, they won’t offer the ankle protection of a boot. Still, for more moderate, flat, and wet trails, sturdy sandals might be a good bet. In all cases (even easy hikes), flip-flops will not give your feet sturdy protection while hiking and should be saved for changing into after the hike.
  • Sock it: Socks are key when trail running or hiking. Not only are they necessary components to a boot or trail running shoe, but they will keep you dry and clean from the dirt and dust you’re likely to encounter throughout your hike. Since you’ll want to keep your feet dry, it’s good to choose a pair made of wool. Additionally, it’s never a bad idea to keep an extra pair of dry socks in a day pack in the event that one pair gets immersed in water.
  • Wear it in: Feet need time to adjust to any new shoes. If you’re planning to visit Breckenridge with a new pair of shoes, or are planning to use them for more activity than they are used to, it’s a good idea to start breaking them in early. Wear them around the house, while you’re out running errands, or for short hikes before your trip. This will help your feet grow accustomed to the new shoes and meld themselves to the ins and outs of the pair.
  • Prevent Blisters: Wearing in a new pair of boots is a great first step, but hiking in Breckenridge will likely expose your feet to new positions and angles than they’ve recently known, so it’s a good idea to purchase moleskin, an adhesive padding that serves as a sort of extra duty band-aid in the event that a blister develops. Remember, blisters start off feeling like hot spots on your feet. You should apply moleskin at the first hint of a developing blister.

Your feet are your access to the beauty and adventure that Breckenridge has to offer. As long as you invest in them with sturdy footwear, you’ll gain entrance to many scenic journeys that are easily found just around the bend.

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