Enjoy the Sumptuous Spa While Relaxing in the Sun

Enjoy the tranquil serenity of the spa, in the idyllic paradise of the Maldives and spoil yourself with some of the sublime treatments on offer.

Some of these treatments involve chakra points which are a series of spiritual gates that run down the centre line of your body and can become blocked by stress, anxiety and other pressures. Opening these chakra points and keeping them balanced can yield great results for your mind, body and spirit as you develop an inner equilibrium, a sense of calm and feeling in control. One of these treatments is the ESPA Energy Equaliser with volcanic hot stones which combines oils, hot stone massage and polarity balancing to regulate you electro-magnetic energy and open your chakras.

Another set of treatments are those chosen for you based on your dosha. There are 3 doshas, Pitta, Kapha and Vata and each person has all three but in differing proportions. Your treatment will be sculpted to the needs of your dominant dosha to help you balance and maintain your physical and mental health. Each treatment involves a foot cleansing ritual, salt and oil exfoliation, a hot stone massage and then a body wrap. Every ingredient is specifically chosen based on your dosha and the Oriental Head Massage is the perfect finishing touch along with sumptuously smooth skin and a feeling of warmth and wellbeing.

For expectant and new mothers there are a range of New Beginnings treatments specially designed to help during this exciting time. Ideal for easing discomfort, improving skin tone and relaxation you can choose from a facial, full body treatment or a range of massages and foot and hand treatments.

There are also Ayurvedic treatments available along with a range of Eastern influenced massages such as Shiatsu, Balinese and Thai complemented by the use of volcanic hot stones which are placed on strategic positions during the massage to deeply penetrate and heat certain areas. There are also holistic, aromatherapy massages, a deep tissue massage (not for the faint hearted or inexperienced) and a whole range of body cleansing and firming treatments. There is also a beautician within the spa complex who can offer waxing, eyelash/brow tinting, nail care and foot and leg massages, perfect for looking your best on the beach.

So kick back at the spa on your holiday and pamper yourself into a state of pure relaxation as holidays in Maldives don’t come much better than this.

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