Events and Festivals in Abuja

Abuja is the backbone of Nigeria which has quite rich culture and celebrates all events and festivals at national level. You might get chance to come up with some event or festival whenever you travel to Abuja. Flights to Abuja will take you to the city of entertainment which you can observe while celebrating some events or festival. The festivals in Abuja are also a touch of the prosperous Culture of Abuja.

Get the taste of the amazing cuisine offered by the city in The Abuja Food Festival that will arrange the city’s best restaurants and vigilantly chosen exhibitors for the locals and travelers of Abuja. Those who are present at the festival will attain foretaste signature dishes from more than dozen of restaurants and find out foodstuffs and services planned to improve their everyday life standards.

Abuja Carnival is just a cultural show that is really worth seeing. In this festival the Durbar is eminent at the celebration by the Nigerian emirates. All the participants are available in beautiful cultural dresses like the splendidly clothed horsemen are the ambassador of monarchs, kingship and loyalty. This cultural event is similar to a festivity of colors, youth and power.

Independence Day in Nigeria is celebrated at national and very large scale which was achieved in 1960 from British. One of the exact Goliath of Africa altogether flights to Abuja Nigeria definitely has idea how to have a great merriment when it comes. On this day, you might see the ceremonial address from the president and processions from the armed forces to put in an official sense of decency to the wild celebrations.

Abuja International Film Festival is very famous all over the world. It has become one of the most looked-for Festivals in Abuja. Movies from all countries and languages especially of Hollywood are shown in this film festival.

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