Exploring Tanzania: 4 Top African Safari Destinations in Tanzania

Whether you are out to witness the Great African Migration, go game viewing or simply revel in the untouched beauty of nature, going on a Tanzania safari can definitely give you what you want. So, what are the things you can expect to see and experience by going on a well-planned Tanzania safari? To give you a more concrete idea on what awaits you in your once-in-a-lifetime safari adventure, here are some of the top African safari destinations in Tanzania that you may want to consider.

Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti National Park is definitely the best place for game viewing in all of Africa. With its vast plains, breathtaking landscapes and abundant wildlife population, everyone who is interested in seeing safari animals in action should never miss this destination.

In addition, the Serengeti National Park is also the scene of the Great African Migration – the yearly migration of wildebeests, zebras and gazelles from the Serengeti to the Kenyan Maasai Mara in search of greener pastures. This is surely a sight you would like to behold.

Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1979, the Ngorongoro Crater prides itself to be the world’s largest intact caldera and is also regarded as one of the most amazing natural wildlife sanctuaries today. The crater, with its 2,000 feet walls, offers an excellent view of wildlife in action so it can very well be one of the most exciting highlights of your African safari vacation.

Lake Manyara National Park

Are you interested to see some tree-climbing lions, huge baboon troops, hundreds of migratory bird species and scenic lush green scenery? If you are, then you should make sure you include Lake Manyara National Park into your itinerary. By visiting the park, you will also get to see the famous Great Rift Valley which is one of the few geological features that can be viewed from the moon.

Tarangire National Park

The park is at its absolute best during the dry season after the scorching summer sun has dried up all the water supply in neighboring landscapes. During this time of the year, vast numbers of animals flock to the only permanent water source in the area, the Tarangire River, to quench their thirst.

Aside from its diverse wildlife population, Tarangire is also most popularly known for its dense elephant population, its mystical baobab trees and the extensive airborne predator populations which inhabit the area.

Now, can you see why you should definitely consider going on a Tanzania safari?

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