Fiji – A Cultural Escape

Ever heard of Fiji? We are quite sure you have and you have probably even seen pictures. If you have seen the pictures, you know the beaches have sand that looks like sugar and the water is the most beautiful aquamarine color you have ever seen. Want to visit paradise, well a trip to Fiji will not disappoint you. Online websites make urgent passport renewal so easy so if a trip comes up sooner than you think, you will be ready.

You can find Fiji in the Southern Pacific Ocean and if you are looking for paradise, you have found it. Directly east of Australia’s coast and 2000 kilometers north of New Zealand, you will find the climate of Fiji much like these locations. Fiji is made up of 322 islands and 522 inlets with 106 of these islands being permanently inhabited. Viti Leuv and Vanua Levu are the major islands containing 87% of the population of the Fiji islands. These Islands are rich with culture with many of these with their particular language, foods and history calling Fiji their home. With the service of getting a passport renewal form online, you don’t even have to leave your home to get yourself prepared for a trip of a lifetime to the Fiji islands.

If you love to scuba dive, than Fiji is the place for you. It is often referred to as the “soft coral capital of the world” and divers of all ages from all over the world make Fiji their choice destination. Since the weather is constant the whole year long, there is really no “vacation season” in Fiji. The ocean provides a constant opportunity to view sea life and seascapes more beautiful than you can imagine all year long.

Many surfers also flock to Fiji to catch that dream wave. It is know around the world for its consistent surf and opportunity to surf with the world’s best on the world’s best waves.

Are you an extreme sport lover? Than Fiji should be your destination, too. With natural landscapes completely untamed, many have made extreme sports one of Fiji’s most popular sport activities. Whether white water rafting or extreme hiking are you favorites, the activities await you in Fiji. Looking for a diving experience that compares to no other or seek a wreck down under the ocean to explore? Again, Fiji is the place.

Eco-tourism is a phrase so many of us have become familiar with and it is a phrase that becomes a reality in Fiji. Environmentally friendly sports and activities abound on these islands making it possible to get into nature without damaging nature. You can hike through one of their rainforests or enjoy traditional Fijian historical storytelling. You can also visit one of their national parks or reserves and find yourself immersed in the natural history that is Fiji.

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