Film Locations in Mauritius – More Than Just Spectacular Beaches

Mauritius has been renowned as a destination with spectacular beach film locations for years. Its pristine palm fringed beaches have attracted big names such as Ambre Solaire and Nivea to return here year after year. Many Bollywood movies have been filmed on location on its sparkling sands and blue lagoons. But less known is the sheer variety of different locations on offer in Mauritius. Here are just a few of the other landscapes to be found on this beautiful island.

The mountains in the interior of Mauritius are varied and dramatic. Rainforest clad mountains have their own wild appeal, densely lush and green with cascading waterfalls, while the orderly plantations of pineapple and sugar-cane cover lower slopes. In certain areas the mountains are reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, in others they offer forest locations more like the Swiss Alps, all with their own majestic allure.

Mauritius has a prosperous economy with an educated bi-lingual population and modern urban facilities. Ultra modern tower blocks and futuristic buildings make up Ebene Cyber City just outside the capital of Port Louis, where the country’s information and communications technologies are based. So if you need edgy modern, sleek urban or contemporary architecture amongst your locations selections your film production company can find it for you here. Bustling markets, shabby chic shacks, industrial scenes and even the cosmopolitan airport itself provide even more variety.

Not everything is shiny and new – if you’re looking for historical references the period colonial houses belonging to the plantation owners of past eras offer old-world grand elegance and sweeping vistas.

Luxury hotels and villas cater for wealthy travellers and tourists in search of beach paradise. Lavish interiors and gorgeous swimming pools of all shapes and sizes provide a wealth of backdrops for location filming.

There would be little point however coming to Mauritius without making use of its stunning beaches and lagoons. Whether you’re after palm fringed sands with jetties and picturesque small boats, or a wilderness lagoon with no civilisation in sight, you’ll find it here. Underwater photography is also a joy in the clear turquoise waters behind the coral reefs.

Another advantage on Mauritius is the small size of the island makes travel between locations quick and easy. The island measures 61km or 38 miles north to south and a good highway runs its length, so even wilderness areas are accessible.

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