Fregate Island Seychelles – Restoring the Environment

The Seychelles Islands have a rare and unique place in the world of diversity, with native plants, birds and creatures found nowhere else on earth. It’s no wonder the earliest discoverers thought they’d found the Garden of Eden. The downside of the discovery of the beautiful granitic islands of this archipelago was the introduction of plants and pests from the outside world. From the first explorers in the 17th century to today, the cumulative impact of humankind on the islands has meant that delicate ecosystems suffered.

Restoring Paradise

Ten years ago, a forward-thinking investor recognised the danger of losing rare and beautiful endemic birds, and a plan was born. Why not purchase Frégate Island Seychelles and return it to natural beauty and wonder? With that, the wheels were in motion to remove monoculture agriculture, predominantly coconut palms and cinnamon, and replace them with native-grown plants, thereby re-creating the right environment for Seychelles wildlife.

These efforts are paying off in real terms, with birds like the Seychelles Magpie Robin slowly but surely returning from the brink of extinction. Ten years ago, only 22 individuals were alive in the wild, all on Frégate Island. Today, thanks to the conservation effort, the number has increased to over 200 birds with colonies established on neighbouring Seychelles islands. Frégate Island is the home to 87 of these once critically endangered birds.

Similar successes are being celebrated, with rises in the populations of Seychelles Whiteye birds, Aldabra Giant Tortoises and Seychelles Tortoises. In fact, the Frégate Island conservation project has been so successful that its’ practices are being put into action on other Seychelles islands as well.

Restoring Body and Mind

One of the most important sources of funds for continued conservation efforts is provided by guests at the Frégate Island Private resort. The Frégate Island Private offers 16 air-conditioned villas with all the luxury you would expect, including a private pool, a Jacuzzi and veranda, indoor and outdoor showers, and spacious living areas. Butler service is provided to cater to guests’ every need. Of course, all this comes with the added allure of bringing guests closer to the natural wonder that is Seychelles.

Guests are encouraged to take advantage of nature walks with the resident ecologist, to help in the nursing efforts of baby Aldabra Tortoises, and to learn about the fragile ecosystem that exists alongside the environmentally sound human habitation.

The food is organic and locally grown, the villas are almost carbon-neutral in an ongoing effort to leave less of a footprint, and most of the fresh water is provided through a rainwater collection scheme.

Enjoy the pristine beaches, stargaze and dine on a special platform with a resident astronomist, take in a lovely spa treatment, or sit and watch the waves roll up onto a white sand beach framed by granite carved by the wind and the water. This is one place that will restore your body and mind, as well as your faith in nature to overcome odds and flourish.

Superb for Couples and Families

The unique and remote beauty of Frégate Island Private makes it the perfect romantic retreat for two, with endless opportunities for al fresco dining, strolls along the beach, and exploring the natural wonders of the island. Children will revel in the water and pool activities and learning about the strange and wonderful Giant Aldabra Tortoises. Frégate Island Private offers a Castaway Kids Clubhouse with great activities to ensure they are entertained and properly supervised.

Getting There

Flights from UK to Seychelles land in Victoria on Mahé Island, the largest of the archipelago. From Victoria, Frégate Island Private is a short 20 minute helicopter trip away. Specialist tour operators like Seychelles Elite offer packages year-round including return airfare, airport lounge access, accommodation at this all-inclusive eco-resort and hotel transfers.

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