Fun Filled Attractions On St. Croix – US Virgin Islands!

St. Croix is the biggest of the US Virgin Islands and has the most to offer when it comes to must-see attractions and exciting things to do. In St. Croix you will find lively festivals, interesting historical jaunts and many shopping opportunities. When visiting St. Croix, make sure to take a sightseeing tour of the island and treat yourself to enchanting Danish Towns, impressive historical buildings, lovely plantation ruins, and lush rain forests. You can do a whirlwind tour if you don’t have much time to spare, but a more laid back pace is a must to fully appreciate what the island has to offer.

Christiansted is most likely going to be your first stop in St. Croix. This attractive Danish port is worth more than just a cursory glance because there are some interesting attractions to explore here. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes, as a walking tour is certainly necessary for those who are interested in lovely architecture and historic sites. Stroll along the vibrant Wharf, past shops and restaurants, and checkout the Christiansted National Historic Site which features the 1856 Old Scale House and the beautiful golden Old Customs House.

A visit to the Fort of Christiansvaern is also an interesting one as it is the best preserved Danish fort on the island. Just outside of the fort’s entrance is a modest white building housing the Steeple Museum, which once served as the first Lutheran Church in St. Croix and later became a bakery, a hospital and a school, before it turned into a repository of the island’s history. Other historical landmarks worth your visit include the imposing Government House on King Street, the Apothecary Hall and Archaeological Museum along Company Street, and a little farther away is the 18th century Old Market that is still operational to this day. Of course, there is no leaving Christiansted without passing by the many shops and stalls scattered around town where you can find all kinds of merchandise from small arts and crafts to an expensive piece of statement jewelry. So make sure you bring your wallets.

The picturesque town of Frederiksted is also worth your time. It is likewise home to many historic buildings but it is more famous for the camera-friendly Fort Frederik, painted in bright red and white. If you love taking professional photos, this is the perfect location to do so. You can explore the art gallery, walk around the fortress and explore the museum housed here. Just outside the fort you will see the lovely Emancipation Park, built in honor of the liberation of the slaves in 1848. If you need a break, you can grab lunch and enjoy your afternoon relaxing before moving on to your next destination.

Next up, you should visit the Cruzan Rum Distillery where you can learn about the entire process of rum-making and perhaps, enjoy a drink or two at the end of the tour. This is the more memorable of the attractions.

For those who want to see a real-life windmill house, then a visit to the stunning Whim Greathouse is a must. Also, make sure to visit the Estate of St. George Botanical Garden, home a 19th century plantation village. And lastly, a trip to Point Udall is mandatory for those who just love to catch sight of a breathtaking vista. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

When planning your trip to St. Croix, you might want to consider booking your trip during the time of its pulsating fiestas. So, with that said, the best time for that would be during the month of December to early January. But if that’s not the best time for you, then you can just time your island getaway for the monthly event of Sunset Jazz to get a glimpse of the local party scene with excellent jazz music at Frederiksted Beach. This wonderful event for families of all ages is usually held every third Friday! Start booking your getaways to this fun filled island!

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