Gauteng Animal Adventure

Having grown up in Gauteng, Im a little biased and to have to do some boasting. I am so excited that we have so many opportunities right here. Gauteng is the home of business, corporate, sky rise buildings, finance, economy, money, the hub of Africa – but Gauteng really offers you safari tours, safari adventures and animal adventures.

Being part of the corporate Gauteng world for over a decade, I was fortunate enough to be able to participate in several team building, conferences and board meetings and these were very often based in the proverbial Gauteng bush, a mere drive outside of the economical Johannesburg.

My husband was in awe when I returned from corporate outings to explain how I came up so close with rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, lions and so forth in the wild, and in Gauteng.

We really should shout to the world that Gauteng can offer these amazing treats and experiences – come and feel a Gauteng safari tour, go on a Gauteng safari adventure or have a Gauteng animal adventure – naturally in one of Gauteng’s animal lodges. You can find reputable game lodges in Gauteng. Visit Guest Files at

The thought of drifting into sleep with the sound of the wild in the background, the odd roar or screech. What makes these experiences so special is that Gauteng is not typically viewed as being an adventurous offering. So it is an ideal opportunity to combine an official trip with an adventurous trip. And of course being a top class South African province, the accommodation will no doubt be of equal quality.

Make your Gauteng experience exciting and adventurous.

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