Girdles For Men – Why Would a Man Wear a Girdle?

Girdles aren’t just for women! These days, girdles for men are available too. But why would a man wear a girdle? Whether it’s for vanity purposes or for a medical need, here’s a look at why men would wear a girdle and what benefits these girdles for men offer.

Men’s girdles come in a few shapewear varieties — t-shirt compression, stomach compression, and traditional underwear. An item such as men’s compression t-shirt looks just like a regular t-shirt, except it’s tighter and a little more challenging to put on. So why would a man wear a girdle? There’s a few benefits and reasons for a man wanting to wear what’s typically considered a ladies’ garment:

Athletic performance: Compression garments and girdles can improve performance in sporting activities by energizing the body, wicking away moisture, and making a body more streamlined. Many professional athletes, including football players and baseball stars, wear t-shirt compression garments. Most male long distance runners also wear compression shirts to prevent skin rawness from their chest rubbing against a regular t-shirt.

Conceals a belly and love handles: Girdles for men serve the same vain purposes as a women’s girdle – to look nicer in more form-fitting clothes. By wearing a girdle, you can instantly look like you’ve lost 10 to 20 pounds! Compression t-shirts also hide the embarrassing gynecomastia (better known as “man boobs”) problem some men face.

Corrects posture: Wearing a waist-cinching men’s girdle can improve posture.

Back support: Girdles for men offer incredible back support. Often times, medical professionals suggest wearing a girdle for male patients with minor back problems. Some girdles for men look like regular clothing: Items such as a compression t-shirt or compression tank look just like normal men’s attire, except tighter. No one will be the wiser that you’re wearing a girdle!

Keeps you cool: Men’s girdles are made with moisture-wicking fabric that draws wetness away from the body, keeping you cool all day.

Hernia surgery support: Many men wear compression garments before and after having hernia surgery. The additional support male girdles provide is needed for comfort, especially after having hernia surgery.

In today’s world, many options are available in girdles for men. As male girdles become more mainstream, even more choices will become available. Whether it’s to look 10 pounds thinner, have a sleek silhouette, to improve athletic performance, or for medical reasons, wearing a girdle is nothing to be ashamed of.

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