Holidays in Greece – Greek Holiday Destinations You Should Know About (Part 2)

Holidays in Greece – Greek Holiday Destinations You Should Know About (Part 2)

Have you ever traveled to Greece? If you have read my previous article about Greek holiday destinations, you will have probably realized by now that you can visit Greece even in winter, and have a great time too. Greece has so many holiday destinations that you will find it’s hard to decide where to go. This is due to the variety of the landscape which is consisted of High Rocky Mountains, rich forests and sandy beaches. So, it doesn’t really matter when you will decide to travel. There is a type of Destination for each season of the Year.

So, how about some winter holiday destinations? Adding to the previous article’s two, Zagoria and Arachova here are some more:

Ioannina: A small city built next to a lake, not far away from the villages of Zagoria. You will be pleased to find out that the lake has a small island, which thousands of tourists visit every year. On the island you can visit a museum built in a cell of a monastery!!

Metsovo: This is an area near Ioannina, ideal for trecking. The site, like Zagoria is consisted of mountains, valleys and rivers, and the village’s houses are made of stone. The most visited sights are churches, old houses and monasteries. If you want a peacefull and calm holiday, this is a place you must go to.

If you plan to travel in autumn or spring instead, the best advice is to visit some of the cultural marvels of Greece, located in the Greek mainland.

Delphi: This is where the most famous Oracle of ancient Greece was cited. It was said that Zeus unleashed two eagles, one from the west, and another from the east edge of the world. They met in Delphi, and that’s why ancient Greeks believed that was the center of the world. There are some remnants of Apollo’s temple on the site, consisted of five pillars.

Messolonghi: A small town on the west side of Greece. It is known for its contribution to the Greek revolution in 1825 and 1826. There are numerous monuments and statues of the Greek revolution’s heroes, as well as remnants of the wall that protected the city during the revolution.

And now, for some summer destinations. If you know Greece for its sun and beaches, and you want to just relax under an umbrella, here are some islands worth visiting:

Mykonos: If you like partying then Mykonos is the place to go for the Summer, because it’s famous for its club, where people dance and stay up till the early morning hours. During the day you can relax on a beach like Platis Yalos, Paradise, Agari or Elia.

Paros: An island famous for its marble. It has excellent tourist facilities, sandy beaches and classic Greek-style white houses. If you like wind surfing, you can go to the southeastern side of the island, on Golden beach and watch the Professional Windsurfing World Cup.

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