Holidays in the Bahamas – Truly a Tourist’s Delight

The Bahamas is a cluster of many big and small islands in the West Indies. Now an independent country, the Bahamas has breathtaking beaches and marine life to experience on an exotic holiday. From snorkelling, dolphin encounters, diving and sailing to simply sun bathing on the beaches, the Bahamas offers the one of the best holiday experiences. The Bahamian land is more than just beaches, as you can also visit the historical places, museums, take a safari, enjoy the old architectural rich forts as well as the beautiful green natural parks.

Listed below are some of the popular places you can visit when holidaying in Bahamas:

Lucayan National Park

This tourist spot in the Bahamas is home to many exciting activities such as swimming, caving and kayaking. This natural and beautiful park is known as a real treat for a great family time. You can take the cave tour, walk and trail down the mangrove lined stream, picnic with your loved ones at the Gold beach or enjoy swimming for relaxation. On a Bahamian holiday you must make it a point to visit this natural wonder on Grand Bahama Island.

Pirates of Nassau

The Nassau downtown displays a fascinating educational program that takes you through the life and tales of pirates. Tourist and visitors holidaying in Bahamas often visit this tourist spot to experience Bahamian culture.

Blue Lagoon Island

When on a holiday in Bahamas, you must not forget to visit the dolphins on the Blue Lagoon Island. This place is a famous tourist spot in the Bahamas due to its superb beaches and the experience it offers. It’s worth visiting the island, as you get to cherish the beauty of dolphins, take picture of them and even swim with them. Located in Nassau, this island is perfect way to unwind on your Bahamian holiday.

Bahamas Jeep Safari Tours

The best way to enjoy a Bahamian holiday is to take a jeep safari tour of the island. Tourist and visitors often get drawn towards the thrilling, exciting and instructive trip as it takes them to museums, beaches and other natural and historical tourist spots. The sight seeing offered in the safari adds to the scenic beauty of your holiday in Bahamas.

Fort Charlotte

This tourist spot is found to fascinate those tourist and visitors with interests in military sites and stories. Built in 18th century, the site is situated in Marcus Bethel Way and West Bay Street in Nassau. The place got its name after the name of George III’s wife. Things to experience in this fort include mysterious dungeons, a waterless moat, ramparts and a drawbridge.


While on a Bahamian holiday, you can not afford to miss the exotic and vivid beaches of the Bahamas. The place has two very famous and known beaches to offer, which are the Paradise and Cabbage beach. The beaches act as a perfect tourist spot for those on a holiday in the Bahamas. The scenic beauty, coconut trees, water side and the casuarinas add to the whole holiday mood for all. Other great beaches in the Bahamas are Lucaya beach, Xanadu beach and the Gold Rock beach.

Best time to holiday in Bahamas

Ideal time to enjoy a Bahamian holiday is during the summer time i.e. in the months from June to August, when it’s breezy and warm.

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