How to Put Together a Beautiful Blue Wardrobe That Takes You From Work to Play and to Romance

Wouldn’t it be nice if every item in your wardrobe goes with everything else?

Actually, if everything is black, you know, your bag is black, your dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes are all black, then everything would go with everything else. That is the trick some chic travellers use. All black wardrobe for a holiday in the city and an all white wardrobe for a holiday by the beach. But that would be really boring.

Instead of basing your entire wardrobe on black, you could base it on a versatile color. Blue comes to mind right away.

After all, blue is a great color for the office. That navy outfit gives you an air of authority. Serious, but not too severe. Very professional.

Although blue tends to be associated with boys, women do look great in blue too. If you look great in blue, you could give it a feminine touch with pink accents. Blue goes well with red too. Blue is a great basic that goes with most colors. Just look at your denim jeans which you can wear with tops of just about any color.

If you look great in blue, you would look fabulous if you base your entire wardrobe around blue, with a few accent colors and other neutrals of course.

Assuming you work in the office weekdays and play on week ends and go for occasional dinner dates, these items should take you through life beautifully.

For the office

1. 1 navy blue jacket

2. 1 navy blue skirt

3. 1 navy blue pants

4. 1 white shirt

5. 1 red top that is appropriate for the office

6. 1 dark gray jacket

7. 1 dark gray skirt or pants.

8. 1 pair of navy blue pumps

9. 1 pair of dark gray pumps

10. 1 pink blouse

In a sample work week you could wear the following outfits.

Monday: navy blue jacket, navy blue skirt and white shirt, navy blue pumps to meet a very conservative client

Tuesday: red top, navy blue jacket, navy blue pants , navy blue pumps for a snazzy presentation

Wednesday: pink blouse, gray jacket, gray skirt, gray pumps working with your colleagues.

Thursday: white shirt, gray pants, gray pumps working hard at your cubicle.

Friday: pink blouse, blue skirt, gray pumps for a semi casual day. (with your silver lame top or skirt in your bag, chandelier earrings and silver purse, ready to party the night away after work).

For play, you just need to add on the following

1. 1 pair of jeans

2. 1 blue denim skirt

3. 1 white t-shirt

4. 1 blue top

5. 1 pretty pink camisole

6. 1 pair of blue casual pants

7. 1 sexy red top

8. 1 pink skirt

9. 1 comfortable pair of shoes in blue and white

10. 1 gorgeous silver lame top

That would let you have a different outfit each weekend.

A regular Saturday doing nothing much: white t-shirt, jeans, comfortable shoes.

Going to an uptown mall: blue top, pink skirt, comfortable walking shoes.

Going out in a group: denim skirt, pretty pink camisole (with a gray jacket if it is cold), comfortable shoes

Going clubbing: Silver lame top, pink skirt, silver shoes from your date wardrobe

Going for a picnic: blue casual pants, blue top, comfortable shoes

Going out with your pals for a fun time: sexy red top, blue denim skirt, comfortable shoes.

As you can see, you can mix and match your clothes for countless gorgeous outfits.

Everything seems to go with everything else.

For romantic dates you need these

1. 1 gorgeous blue dress

2. 1 gorgeous pink halter top

3. 1 pair of silver shoes

4. 1 gorgeous blue skirt

5. 1 gorgeous pink skirt

6. 1 gorgeous silver lame skirt

7. 1 very sexy blue top

9. 1 silver purse

Here are some ideas for gorgeous date outfits.

1st date. a pretty blue dress and your silver shoes

Date at a party, pink halter top, silver lame skirt, silver shoes and silver purse

Candlelight dinner, sexy blue top, long blue skirt, silver shoes

Fun date pink halter top, pink skirt, comfortable shoes

Another party. silver lame top, blue skirt, blue shoes

Meet his parents, blue dress navy blue shoes

Dinner together, pink camisole, pink skirt

The list goes on. Just those items in mainly blue and pink and you can look fabulous all the time.

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