How to Remove Surfboard Wax

You will need: a surfboard, a wax comb, sunshine or perhaps a hairdryer, glass cleaner, piece of cloth (old underwear), plus some great surf music.

Wax work may quickly get very grubby at the same time as smooth. Whenever it appears pretty grotesque, slippery, cracking off in bits for no obvious factor, or even has the aroma of gorilla armpits, it’s actually time for you to scrap all off and start to apply a new, advantageous environmentally friendly great smelling wax on your board (don´t eat it however). There´s no worse scenario than sitting on the beach and enjoy perfect waves rolling in and you simply know that you are likely to amuse your surf companions with incredible wipe outs.

Before everything else, make sure you don´t remove the surfboard wax on the beach. The traditional surf wax is packed with toxic stuff. Even if you are making use of eco friendly wax it doesn’t signify the wax is really a natural part belonging to the beach. And also you better not get rid of the existing wax on your mother in law´s finest rug. Stay clear from trouble. Surf wax sticks! It´s better to get the job done wherever sticky surf wax is not such a big of a deal.

Stripping off the wax is much simpler than it may seem.

Start by putting the board in the sun for approximately 20 minutes or do it over with your sister´s hairdryer (don´t burn up the precious board). You want the wax to start to be somewhat softer for less complicated removal. When the wax is significantly softer, you are going to start stripping it off. For this task you can use a special wax comb (it´s really cheap), your outdated banking card or simply a plastic paint scraper. Use absolutely no metal thing such as a knife or of the sort.

The process is quite simple. In case your board has detachable fins then get them off first. Place the board on a firm table or bench having a folded towel or blanket beneath it. If you don´t have a good spot where you may place the board then put it on your lap. It´s essential that you don´t place it straight on the ground. This may damage the glassing as well as snap the fins when you put pressure on the board (specially is going to wax the board).

Set off at the very top of the board and get the job done scraping off the wax using the wax comb keeping it at a 30 – 35 degree angle position and carry on from one rail towards the other with a gentle movement, putting on sufficient power to peel through to the bottom coating. Continue all the way down to the rear. Basically, the wax unfolds in thin layers. Collect the no good wax and dispose it in a tin.

Once you’ve eliminated most of the wax you may optionally work with a smooth fabric (now an old big boy pants is useful) and some water and soap or methylated spirits to get rid of the residue from your board. There is also particular surf wax eliminator to buy at the surf store if you prefer. Wax remover is great regarding clearing up the wax from a ding intended for restoration and for placing on an adhesive surfboard grip on the deck. Alright, now you are set for doing some actual waxing.

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