How work permit can increase chances of Canada PR through Express Entry

Canada Express Entry is the main application processing system for Permanent Residence. Skilled immigrants prefer Canada PR as it comes with a lot of benefits like better quality of life, access to universal healthcare system and advanced education. The country has a robust economy and immigrants help fill the labour gaps in the market. 

The electronic system needs applicants to create an Express Entry Pool and score a minimum 67 points for eligibility. The score is based on various factors like age, education, work experience, language ability, and adaptability. The Canadian immigration authority ranks you on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System score which is calculated based on the above mentioned factors like language proficiency and work experience. 

Canadian Work Experience improves CRS score

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) highly values Canadian work experience. Therefore, gaining work experience in the vibrant North American country will help you increase your CRS score and boost your application. Work permit can help you get a better chance of being selected for Canadian PR by the system. A job offer from a designated company in Canada is also enough to improve your CRS score. 

To understand the application process and how CRS score works, you need to approach immigration consultant qatar or similar certified agents in Qatarto ease up the process. 

However, if you don’t have a work permit or Canadian work experience or employment offer, you can still be eligible to apply through Express Entry on the basis of language ability, qualification and relevant work experience in-demand jobs in Canada. Candidates coming to Canada through Express Entry get preference in workplaces. 

How Consultants can guide you

Professional consultants and registered lawyers are experts in the field and can fast-track your process and ease the immigration journey. They can guide you on how to get short-term work opportunities in Canada, such as internships or co-op programs, to gain valuable Canadian work experience and demonstrate your commitment to immigrating to Canada. 

This will increase your ranking.Immigration consultants first learn your requirements and then explain the process and select the suitable immigration stream for you. They will suggest to you how to improve your CRS score and guide you how a work permit can enhance your score and improve your CRS ranking. It will increase your chance for getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA) from IRCC can apply for Canada PR within the required timeframe. 

ICCRC registered Canada immigration consultants in Qatar will educate you in detail about the ways and advantages of a Canada work permit from Qatar. Working visa is usually valid for two years, you can extend it or use the help of reliable consultants to translate it to a PR visa if you want to settle in Canada for a longer period. Work Permit gives you temporary residency while PR allows you to stay in Canada for minimum five years and get eligible for citizenship. 


If you want to seek Canada PR through Express Entry, consider approaching a registered agent to get work opportunities in Canada in order to get valuable Canadian work experience. It will enhance your CRS score and boost your Canada PR application. Registered immigration consultants are experts in the field and can guide in availing Canadian work experience.  

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