Important Things You Need to Know About Rugby Socks Before You Buy

So, you probably never dreamed that looking for good quality rugby socks for your team would be such a challenging process. You probably thought, you simply go into a shop, choose some socks, give a pair to each player and they are ready for their next match. If only it was this simple. There are so many important factors to bear in mind when it comes to rugby socks and ensuring you buy the finest quality that will keep your team comfortable and reduce the risk of discomfit when they are playing.

Before you start shopping around, you need an understanding on what rugby socks are, so you buy the right items. Rugby socks are long socks, similar to those worn in football. They pull up to just below the knee, covering the ankles and calves. They generally fit snugly to reduce the risk of them slipping down around the players ankles. Actually, this is an important thing to remember. You don’t want the players socks falling down constantly as they are going to spend their time focusing on pulling their socks up during the game rather than focussing on the game itself.

It is essential that you choose rugby socks which are breathable. Imagine eighty minutes of constant running in socks that don’t breathe? Your feet are going to be hot and sweaty, possibly even start sliding in your rugby boots, which in turn are going to cause unwelcome blisters, again causing the player to focus on the pain rather than the game at hand.

Most good quality rugby socks are thicker at the foot section for added comfort in the boot, they have a padded heel and toe which reduces the risk of rubbing and blisters, making it more comfortable for the player during the game. Ensure that any rugby socks you buy are made to the highest of standards using the best fabrics to produce the finest quality socks that your team can wear with confidence and for extended hours.

When it comes to rugby socks ensure the manufacturer uses material which is absorbent so that any sweat is absorbed to reduce the risk of the foot sliding around in the boot. The socks should fit like a glove, this reduces the socks slipping in the boot and reduces the risk of them sliding down the player’s leg during gameplay.

Always ensure that any rugby socks you are thinking of ordering are completely customisable so that you can get them matched to your team colours with ease. Most teams choose a plain colour with a band of their team colour around the top of the sock where it folds over below the knee. The choice is yours, but ensure you can get your team colours to promote your team and ensure all players look the same throughout the game.

Remember choosing a rugby socks manufacturer doesn’t have to be a daunting experience, now that you know about the socks and what to look for, finding someone to supply you is the easy part of the process. Thank goodness, the internet is brimming with information on companies, so you can make your selection with ease and confidence.

A further benefit is that you aren’t restricted to companies in your local area, you can order from a national manufacturer, who will supply you with your order and even deliver it to the door. There are manufacturers who enable you to design your rugby socks right there and then on their website to save you time and energy.

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