Jashan-e-Baharan Gifts

Jashan-e-Baharan Gifts

Vibrant festivals have always been a part of various cultures of world. These festivals bring people of all religion and classes together in the colorful celebrations. One such festival is called Jashan-e-baharanor Basant which is very famous in Pakistan. Jashan-e-Baharan or the spring festival is the key festival of Pakistan.

When this festival arrives, then cozy warm season starts. Winter ends and pleasant spring season starts. One can see blossoming flowers and greenery every where around. Pakistan tourism has become a growing industry and such festivals play a major role in the advancement of tourism industry. Usually People from various parts of world come to participate and enjoy this festival in Pakistan. Bulk of the tourists arrives here from Dubai, England and Canada.

There are many facets of this festival as kite flying which is center of attraction during this celebration. In last few years Government had banned kite flying due to many accidents involving kids who were injured while kite flying. Many fanatics also opposed kite flying by declaring it a Hindu tradition. But it still remains a favorite with people of all ages and all religions. Even now Pakistani sky wears a look of a colorful veil of a bride. Basant is celebrated in every nook and corner of the country and thousands of people find it the best time to exchange gifts. Basant fairs full of folk dances, crafts exhibitions and food festivals are held every where. Hot and delicious Pakistani cuisine is a treat for all.

Gifts for Women:

Various gift options for women include trendy polyurethane hand bags. The material of these bags is eco friendly but looks like leather. These bags are available in very luring latest colors and styles.

Flowers are loved by almost all women. So you can consider rushing to a florist’s shop.
There is a wide variety of red roses, lilies, mixed spray roses, carnations, pink roses, daisies etc. Flowers beautifully arranged in little baskets are really cherished by everyone.

The traditional and modern jewelry is another gift option for women. It can be gifted only if you are sure about the taste of woman whom you will gift these shinning metals. Jewelry is such a gift which delights all the women. The tempting combination of the modern and traditional jewelry is the latest fashion. The hand made items of jewelry like made from jute, wood, copper etc are very famous these days as gifts.

Gifts for Men:

Perfumes are always a prized possession and are loved by most of the stylish men. There is a comprehensive range of perfumes for men which can be purchased according to your budget. There are famous expensive brands like Elizabeth Arden, Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Valentino, Ghost of Channel or Burberry. But trust me these perfumes are worth their hefty prices. So do not hesitate in getting the latest fragrances for your man.

Designer clothes are no more a domain of women only. Designer shirts or salwar-kameez with incredible hand works is another good deal. If you believe in latest technology then go for latest sports watches, mobiles, iPods or may be an attractive laptop.

Gifts for Kids:

Toys will always be the best gifts for kids but there is a wide variation in the kinds of toys too. You can buy colorful Chinese towels, battery operated games and toys, talking dogs or dolls etc. If the child loves his outdoor life more then gift a skipping rope, bicycle, motor bike or hammocks.

Sweets and chocolates are always close to hearts of Pakistani people. So get them wrapped in colorful baskets and strike the right chord. Gifts for Jashan-e – baharan also include dry fruits. Raisins, almonds, hazel nuts, pistachio nuts, walnuts, cashew nuts etc. are good for health and taste buds too. So grab a suitable gift and make Jashan-e-baharan memorable.

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