Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan – ” The Golden Triangle Tour”

Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan – ” The Golden Triangle Tour”

Getting to Nepal

1. By Air: This is one of the favorites, less hectic way to enter Nepal. The direct flight connections to Nepal are from Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Varanasi, Dubai, Doha, Bangkok, Lhasa, and Paro to name few. Further, Nepal Airlines, the national carrier has the plan to expand its flights to the United Kingdom, France to be specific.

2. By Land: The popular crossing point from India are Sunauli (southern Nepal); Kakarvitta (Eastern Nepal) and Birjung. Further, from the North Tibet side, the visitors can enter Nepal through Kerung.

What Are the Main Attractions during Kathmandu Tour?

This place is popular for its medieval man-made architectures. Nepal has 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and among them, seven are located inside Kathmandu valley. Furthermore, it is a heaven for culture enthusiasts. Here there is the holiest Hindu temple, the biggest Buddhist Stupas, beautiful Durbar Squares decorated with pagoda-style architectures. Further, the countryside drive around Kathmandu is fascinating for nature lovers. Moreover, this place is popular among culture lovers.

Kathmandu To Pokhara Drive OR Flight?

Pokhara is 205 km from Kathmandu. The drive time is 6 hr in a private vehicle. However, by a tourist bus, the drive time will be around 7-8 hr. In comparison, to a private vehicle, the tourist buses are inexpensive. However, having a private vehicle has its own particular appeal. The drive will be through a beautiful mountainous highway. In case, driving to this place by a private vehicle one can have stops on the roadway to click wonderful pictures. Further, there are plenty of fine eateries accessible on the interstate for a lunch.

In the event that, you decide to take a flight, there are everyday flights from Kathmandu. The flight is just 25 minutes.

Pokhara Tour

This destination is the most popular destination in Nepal after Kathmandu. It has been attracting visitor for quite a while for its lakeside feel and its nearness to one of the best trekking areas on the planet, the sublime Annapurna trail. This place is also an entryway to well-known long separation trekking trails in Nepal.

This valley appreciates a mellow atmosphere, clean air, closeness to snow-capped mountains and different quantities of good lodgings. The mild climate here is wonderfully expelled from the bustle of Kathmandu. Lakeside is a voyager desert spring.

What are the Attraction During Pokhara Tour?

1. Phewa Tal ” Lake”: This lake is the guests’ point of convergence and second biggest lake in Nepal. The southern shore is perfectly forested. Guests can lease a boat and oar around the lake to value its serenity. Further, one can lease a bicycle or stroll around the lake.

2. Mountains: The gigantic and fabulous Annapurna display frames a radiant scenery to Pokhara. You can see the mountains from each side of the valley. Phewa lake is the best place to see the perfectly clear impression of Mount Fishtail. Moreover, one can drive to Sarangkot or one of the alternate perspectives around the valley and appreciate the continuous perspectives of the mountains.

3.Temples: This place is noted for its temples. In Phewa lake, there is a little island, where one can visit Varahi temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in its pig manifestation. Marginally, far north, is a Pokhara’s best-known temple, the Binde Basini Temple. This temple is dedicated to goddess Durga.

Pokhara to Chitwan
There are plenty of tourist buses available to Chitwan. It is 165 km and drive is approximately 5 hours. Furthermore, now there are also flights between these destinations. One may choose any mode of transportation depending upon the budget.

Again, the drive to this destination is through a mountainous road.

What are the Attractions During Chitwan Tour?
This place lies in the southern part of Nepal bordering India. Chitwan literally means ” The Heart of the Jungle” today offers one of the finest wildlife experience in Asia. One has to be extremely lucky to see elusive and endangered Bengal Tiger. However, an elephant safari is unforgettable, and you are almost certain to see endangered one-horned rhino, various species of deer, monkeys and various species of birds.


1. Elephant Ride: One of the greatest thrills here is an elephant safari to view various wildlife; seeing one-horned rhino from atop an elephant is an experience not to be missed.

2. Jungle walk: Visitors are allowed to enter the park but it is mandatory to have an escort or a guide for the reason of safety. Walks can be exhilarating, but they are potentially dangerous if you meet a rhino. Walking is an ideal way to see the park’s prolific butterflies and birds, and to see the flora up close.

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