Margate’s Super Surfing Spots

The Kwazulu-Natal boasts some of the finest beaches along the South African coastline – these have the added advantage of being accessible all year round thanks to the temperate sub-tropical climate. Almost all of the tourist hot-spots have shark nets, and more and more have acquired blue flag status.

Notwithstanding this, the wise surfer will always take precautions, go out with a buddy, and keep a weather eye out for the ragged tooth sharks and their friends.

The entire area is favored by consistent swells with many reef and point breaks to provide added excitement. The best time of the year is during the May to August winter months, when the cold fronts create 1.8 to 2.4 meter surf as they move up from the Western Cape. Best times of the day to surf are winter mornings when gentle off-shore breezes prevail, and any time in summer during light south westerly breezes before the north-east wind returns.

Try these five hot surfing spots:

o St Mike’s on Sea – right hand point break off the tidal pool, powerful right handers that start on the point and follow all the way to the beach.
o Lucien Beach – left hand point break, good summer / shore break, protection from north-east wind.
o South Broom – needs a light south-easterly wind to maximize the point break around the rocky tree lined hill
o Trafalgar – big wave right hander off a reef opposite the tidal pool, fun beach break.
o T.O. Strand – big powerful waves, super low tide hollow, right hand point breaks off the small grass headland

It can get seriously hot down our way, and you’ll need a good place to chill out after a day of surf and sun. You’ll find good place to stay at []. There’s a cool swimming pool and the beds are good too.

There are many great surfing beaches near Margate, South Africa. You’ll find the nature of the local boys and girls friendly, thoroughly laid back, and more than a little willing to show you their own favorite spots, where you can share yet another great natural surfing experience in our pristine environment.

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