Max Steel Toys

Have you heard about Max Steel? Because if you have not, then no point for me to talk about these Max Steel toys haha! Max Steel is the name of an animation series which ran from 2000 to 2003 and there were about three series of this superhero cartoon. It has often been compared to Ben 10 which is about a boy who obtained an alien watch when it crashed on earth known as the omnitrix. This alien watch or device allowed the boy to transform into different aliens for a short to allow him to carry out his super hero deeds. In contrast, the story about Max goes like this. Max’s real name is Josh. Josh is a 19 years old teenage who is also an extreme sports teen star, whose parents died a while ago. Poor Josh was then adopted by his father’s best fried, Jefferson Smith, who works in an extreme sports articles manufacturing company. Unknown to the public this company was actually a secret counter-intelligence agency known as N-Tek. This stands for nanotechnology.

If you read this story, it sounds a bit like Batman since he was also like an orphan if I am not wrong as Batman’s parents were murdered by some bad guys, which also reminds me of Spiderman’s uncle or was it grandfather, who was murdered by some crooks and this made spiderman want to be a superhero and save good people. Anyways though Batman does not any superpowers, Josh has them. This is due to some technology which the company was researching on. There was one day when some bad guys led by Psycho, the ultimate baddie in the cartoon series. Josh tried to fight the enemy but was badly injured. To save his life, his foster father injected some nanomachines, known as “Nano Tech Max” into Josh and also gave him some transphasic energy known as “t-juice”, which allowed the nanomachines to work and power Josh to have superpowers and allowing him to become Max Steel. Anyway Josh, with his superpowers, goes on to battle many of the villians in the animation series. This includes Mr. Dread, Psycho’s evil boss, the members of his Spy organization, and later, mutants, robots, mad scientists and monsters who all appear as the baddies in the series. Sound cool huh?

If you look at the range of Max Steel toys, most of the toys are actually action figures. I guess this is what to be expected for super heroes and most of the toys would be action figures. Max Steel toys also comes with vehicles which Josh uses in the series. This includes the MX4 Rocket Cycle which is actually a normal bike but it can convert into a missile launcher to shoot down the enemy. Then there is also the Max Steel dreamcast video game which I guess is also very outdated. If you ask me honestly, I think there is not much variety of Max Steel toys.

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