Not Just Sun & Surf – Top 10 Things To Do In Exuma, Bahamas

The scenery is breath-taking! The surf is lapping at your feet and its waves beckon you to envelop yourself in their crystal clear warmth. The beaches may be addictive, but there are plenty of other things to do in Exuma, Bahamas. There are must-sees and must-dos for every individual’s taste. The beaches are only the beginning.

1. Delve beneath the surface

Exuma boasts some of the most famous underwater caves and blue holes. Thunderball Grotto is a popular and interesting spot for divers and snorkelers; the underwater cave was featured in two James Bond films. Exuma caves are famous for their diversity, varying in length, depth, and beauty. Explore the lush vegetation and unusual inhabitants of the briny deep and be sure to bring those underwater cameras!

2. Hook a bone!

Bonefishing is an intriguing Bahamian sport and is popular pass time in Exuma, Bahamas. The south western shores of the Exumas are the ideal location to engage in this exciting, tide-dependent sport because bonefish keep to the sandy shallows in search of food. Bonefish are slippery, silvery creatures that can streak up to 25 miles per hour to elude predators. They are mostly caught in the spirit of the sport, as they are not known to be particularly appetizing. The average number of bonefish sighted in Exuma per day is between 40 and 400, while the average number of fish caught daily is between 3 and 45. The usual weight of a bonefish is between 4 and 6 pounds, but they can reach up to 19 pounds!

3. Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park

There are numerous things to do in Exuma, Bahamas, so before you take the trip, do some research. You will discover that the Exuma Cays Land & Sea Park, a marine wildlife reserve located on Great Exuma, is worthwhile exploring. Opening in 1959, it was the first of its kind. It spreads over 176 square miles. The scuba diving is spectacular due to the crystal-clear waters that provide excellent visibility on any given day. The park’s remoteness offers you a personal paradise where large groups of reef fish can be observed in their natural environment. This land and sea park is home to the lutia, a rabbit-like rodent that was thought to be extinct until 1966.

4. Swimming with the dolphins

Swimming with the dolphins literally takes your breath away, and is definitely considered one of the most memorable things to do in Exuma, Bahamas. It is an activity that can involve the whole family touching, interacting, and even hand-feeding these wonderful creatures in their natural habitat.

5. Become a Bahamas history buff

Soak up some of the local history by visiting the Bowe Family Plantation, an old cotton plantation that tells of the colonial history of the Bahamas. The main structure lies in ruins today, yet visitors can clearly make out the arrangement of the house, including the location of the kitchen and slave quarters. For the not so faint at of heart, there are spooky things to do in Exuma, Bahamas, such as a visit to the Rolle Town Tombs, a cemetery wherein rest an overseer and his wife that lived during times of slavery. If that is not chilling enough, make your way to The Hermitage, another cemetery located eight miles from Georgetown, where the tombs date back to the 1800s, and are most interesting when visited with a knowledgeable guide.

6. Parading about

If you want to experience the Bahamian culture to its fullest, participating in the annual Exuma Junkanoo Summer Festival is essential. Not only can you sample local foods and beverages, and participate in games and old-fashioned competitions, but you can also learn much about the island since great emphasis is placed on Bahamian heritage, culture, and entertainment during this celebration.

7. Did someone say sailing?

One of the outstanding things to do in Exuma, Bahamas is sailing. Each April, Exuma holds its annual National Family Island Regatta, where the world’s best sailors flock to compete for the coveted title of ‘Best in the Bahamas.’ The competition is based on boating skills and excellence in the sport. Beginning in the 1950s, the regatta is held in the waters between George Town and Elizabeth Harbour. It is always an animated and boisterous event that concludes with a junkanoo parade in Regatta Park with the Nassau Police Band entertaining the crowd.

8. Biting into the Bahamas

Definitely deserving of a spot in the top 10 things to do in Exuma, Bahamas is the superb gastronomy experience. With menus replete with sumptuous seafood, savory spices and chilled exotic beverages, sampling the native fare is a must! Begin with a nice bowl of souse, a soup made of onions, lime juice, peppers, celery and meat, and then move on to a main course of conch meat. The conch is an ocean mollusk that produces a peachy meat which can be eaten fresh, uncooked, and seasoned with lime juice and spices. Afterwards, relax with a bottle of Kalik, the local beer in Exuma, or a tasty glass of Sky Juice, a rich concoction of coconut milk, coconut rum, and gin. Shaken, not stirred!

9. A View from the Top

Imagine floating through the balmy Bahamian breeze staring down at a veritable kaleidoscope of brilliant blues and greens. That is the reality of parasailing in the Exumas. It offers you a view that you never dreamed possible. Seeing the splendor of the islands from 400 feet in the air is an unforgettable experience that is well-deserving of a place on the list of things to do in Exuma, Bahamas.

10. Life’s a Beach!

Last, but not least, are the magnificent beaches! Located on Little Exuma is the Tropic of Cancer beach, the longest beach on the island, stretching one and a half miles, and boasting powdery sand and turquoise water. This beach got its name from its geographical location – the Tropic of Cancer runs right through it. Equally inviting is the affectionately nicknamed Hamburger Beach and Volleyball Beach on Stocking Island. Only a 10-minute ride from the Georgetown docks, visitors to the area can enjoy a hearty meal at the Chill ‘n’ Chat or the P&P Hamburger Stand. These beaches are hotspots for avid surfers and seashell gatherers as their shores are rich with exotic and unusual seashells. Finding the perfect sandy nook is one of the easiest things to do in Exuma, Bahamas, that and finding total relaxation, of course.

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