NTA-TV College and Career Choice: The Most Important Thing To Consider

I was part of the group that graced the Orientation Programme that was organized for the 2010/2011 academic year of diploma students at the NTA-Television College Jos, Nigeria. The Rector and the academic staff were all present as lectures criss-cross lectures with most speakers trying to outdo the others in oratorical prowess.

The topics ranged from issues that affect the school and students’ lifestyles. It was discovered that many students in other institutions of learning, have left school ill-prepared for the demands which life will place upon them, but it was pointed out that in NTA-TV College, such things are adequately taken care of. The speakers took time out to educate the students on the advantages they have for choosing the school in the pursuance of their academic career. As we were made to know, it was hardly a place to be ignorant of the world of work or total unawareness of real potential, and inability to adjust to the world outside school.

The words of the speakers reminded me of some schools that do not have time to tackle the question of career education. The four outstanding Departments of the College: TV-Journalism, TV-Production, TV-Design and the TV-Engineering, helped to explain the unique nature of the school. When some schools have not yet started to think seriously about the methods which can help their students prepare for the decisions that will affect their lives as adult workers, the college adopted a mandate of building their students up in the skills not necessarily to “fix them up with a job” but to properly educate them and build them up as skills personnel. Apart from all the good things that were said, the most important thing in choosing a career was not missing in action.

While people think of occupation and location, it is necessary to point out the more important issue, which is one of character – the ‘being’ that under-guards ‘doing’. This is the reason why the students were orientated in many areas like dressing, extra-curricular activities, conduct at school and in hostels, class attendance, behaviours during examinations, etc. In the book of Ephesians 4:1-16, the apostle Paul gave his support to this important issue by enjoining his hearers to walk worthy of their calling. When we are the right people for a job, we can be sure of greater results. The truth then remains that it is not what we do but who we are that is most important. Choosing a career is one thing that exposes us to so many things in life.

By way of definition, a career is a sequence of occupations, jobs and positions engaged in, or occupied, throughout the lifetime of a person. Psychologically, a career is a series of roles played by a person. Teaching can be taken as a career. Within the teaching profession, one can be the principal of a school, a school bursar, guidance officer, administrator or registrar, or even a technician producing teaching aids. Each of these is a job within the teaching profession. A career is quite different from an occupation because an occupation deals with a type of work or activity in which people engage themselves. It is also an activity that has a market value in which people are paid to engage. Examples include the work of politicians, physicians, philosophers, journalists, publishers, presidents, etc. A person may change his occupation more than once during his working life. I have come across many politicians that were teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc, before they assume their present status in politics. There are also journalists, publishers, or pharmacists, among the many politicians we see today.

In the other hand, a job is just a way of making a living, but in a career, you can feel that your abilities are being properly used. When you have knowledge of who you are and the many jobs available, you are well-equipped to choose a job.

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