Phuket Thailand – The Pearl of Andaman

Phuket, known as the pearl of Andaman Sea, is the biggest island of Thailand. It is a province located in the southern part of the country and has many fascinating attractions that lure people around the world to visit. Because of beautiful beaches and sea, wonderful nightlife and nice weather, Phuket becomes one of the top places in Thailand that travelers choose to go, and of course, when they once visit there, they cannot wait to be there again and again.

It is not hard to get to Phuket. If you choose to go there by car, there are almost 900 kilometers from Bangkok to Phuket to drive and may take 8-9 hours totally. However, most people choose to fly there which takes no more than 1 hour and a half from Bangkok and the air fare is not expensive. Thai Airways and other low-cost airlines can serve you with several flights a day from many destinations.

The Phuket airport is a bit far from the popular beaches and well-known hotels. After you reach the island by plane, you can find a lot of services which can take you to your hotel cheap and easily. These services include taxi cars, airport limousines, and service vans waiting you outside the airport. Hotels and other accommodations are not hard to find and mostly their prices are really cheap. You can find luxurious hotels along the popular beaches or some easy home-stays near the communities or department stores. As I mentioned, Phuket is one of the top tourist attractions in Thailand. Even though there are a very large number of hotels and lodgings in Phuket, I recommend you to book a hotel earlier if you go there in the festival time or public holiday period and you will not regret doing that definitely.

Some well-known beaches that you cannot miss are Patong beach, Karon beach and Kata beach. You cannot imagine how beautiful they are. Also, there are a lot of activities along the beaches, you may sunbathe or swim in the sea. If you like exciting activities, you can play parachute or rent a surfboard. You may book a boat tour to the near islands such as Khai islands, Phi Phi islands and Racha islands, and go diving. Tons of beautiful coral reefs and fish are waiting for you.

One of other activities that you can’t definitely miss is watching sunset at Laem Prom Thep. This spot is named for the most beautiful sunset place in Thailand and you will believe it. If you like old buildings and nice architectures, you can also travel to the Phuket city which is located inside the island, a lot of good and tasty food is there. It is another good way for traveling in Phuket if you don’t like crowded tourists.

Nightlife in Thailand is very famous especially in Phuket. You can find clubs, bars and restaurants everywhere. These are just parts of what Phuket is and you need to experience them by yourselves. You may not want to go back to your country.

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