Places to Visit in Barbados Islands

A blend of Afro-Caribbean nature and culture defines the art of Barbados. In ancient times, Barbados was a Portuguese inhabited island, however it 1625, it came under the rule of Britain and became an English colony until it claimed its independence in 1966. This mix of cultures that influenced their life is found on many of their arts and crafts. Regardless, of the influence of European colonizers to the island nation, they have a distinct and well established art of their own.

Crafts are industries to which some of the economy depends on. The exports of these native crafts make the island a hotspot for international trade. The vibrant and rich community in the island defines their art as unique and vibrant that has a focus on color and craftsmanship. Get to experience art and crafts at its finest.

A great vacation to the island would be to visit centers of art and craft like the pelican Village and the Foursquare Rum Factory and Heritage Park. With the vibrant art community being distinct, get to appreciate local artists with works on the Mangos Fine Art Gallery and the Barbados Gallery of Art.

The Sunbury House
The island nation is proud of its heritage and traditions; thus the presence of artifacts and other historical documents make the island a hotspot for some culture. The Sunbury House is one of the oldest homes in the island that dates back to at least 300 years. It represents the old Barbados lifestyle of sugar plantations and farms. It has on display antiques and old prints that were from the original owners of the house.

As part of the tour of the museum, you get the opportunity to see the old age horse drawn carriages that used to drive the plantation owners to the fields and back to the manor. Surrounded by lush countryside that is breathtaking and splendid, a visit to the island will not be perfect without stop to the Sunbury House.

Sir Frank Hutson Sugar Museum and Factory
Sugar was previously the main industry that formed a major part of the country’s economy. The Sir Frank Museum is a testament to the importance of the industry to the island’s history. Inside the museum, you can find a collection of ancient machineries that were used to harvest sugar in the old days. For a modern look on the process, the museum factory offers tours for visitors during the grinding season. The museum is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Barbados holidays will never be a fun date without the presence of such significant museums and centers that defines the society that exists on the island. Take a time to visit these museums and galleries and see the history of the island in its entirety.

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