Places You Shouldn’t Miss When Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is such a fun sport to do. It is even more exciting if you’re in the perfect spot. Usually, kiteboarding or kitesurfing is done in lakes and beaches where there is a wide space for the activity. There are actually a lot of famous kite spots around the world where the water is perfect for kiteboarding. Most of them are even fully equipped with lodges, kiteboarding clinics and other facilities. If you want to have a lot of fun and exciting kiteboarding experience, check the list below. These four amazing kite spots should definitely be in your list of place to visit if you’re planning for a kiteboarding getaway trip.

Mackay, Queensland– Mackay has a variety of locations with the perfect wind for kiteboarding. Just to name a few are East Point, Harbour Beach and Backs Beach. These spots are brilliant for beginners and budding pros because of the places’ flat water and large open beaches. They also have plenty of facilities which very well accommodate the sport.

Adrenalin Rush Sports Australia (ARSA) at Mackay, Queensland offers run lessons including two hours full training with equipments included.

September to April is the Mackay season when the waves are just perfect for a great kiteboarding activity.

LEK Aitutaki, Cook Islands– The place just recently opened a school for kiteboarding which is located at Aitutaki’s Lagoon Resort Spa. It is a wonderful paradise with turquoise waters and brilliant waves with the right wind.

They offer kiteboarding lessons, sales of equipments and even rentals. Aitutaki is now one of the best kiteboarding centers as they offer the latest gears and equipment for the sport.

June is the best month to go kiteboarding when the winds and waves are just perfect for both trainees and professionals.

Endless Kiteboarding Barbados– This place is found in Silverlands; the south coast of Barbados. It is the island’s best places to go kiteboarding, surfing and other water sport activities. The atmosphere of the place is great for kiteboarding plus the locals are really friendly.

Silverlands offer 2-hour endless kiteboarding for just a hundred bucks and less than two hundred for 4 hours and additional one hundred for an hour of training. Their facilities offer the latest Slingshot kites and boards which can be purchased or rented.

LEK Cabarette, Dominican Republic– This place has been offering kitesurfing lessons since 2005, and has since built a trustworthy reputation to its visitors ever since. It is now one of the top destinations for kiteboarders for both beginners and professionals.

The school offers 4-day training lessons with gear. Private training courses are also available. Better visit the place during the summer months to get the perfect winds for the sport.

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