Quad Bikes – Top 5 Stunts You Have To Learn

Quad Bikes – Top 5 Stunts You Have To Learn

Quad bike rides, tours and tag along adventures can be one exhilarating adventure, more than you have ever imagined. More stable than two wheel motorbikes, a quad bike is much safer given its weight that contributes more to its stability when trekking on uncharted and rough terrain. But don’t let the bulk and size of these vehicles fool you. There is enough torque and power for an adrenaline junkie to digest. Tricks and stunts on these quads are much more limited compared to two wheelers, still amazing feats of daredevil nature can be executed on these mini monsters. Here are some quad biking stunts that you would surely love to learn.

1. Single Jumps. Master racers know that jumps are essential and primary to any other stunt in the sport. The most important thing to do when doing jumps is to scout the landing area for any obstruction, and other riders. Failing to do this can mean utter disaster. Find the right speed for your jump height and approach the lip in a crouched “attack like” position. Once in the air, pumping on the quad’s throttle helps keep the nose and front wheels slightly elevated in preparation for your landing which should always have the rear wheels hitting the ground first. Follow through and do some more!

2. Double Jumps. Unlike single jumps, this trick requires you to land your quad bike on its front tires. You can do this by tapping the rear break or applying pressure on the handle bars. Tabletops are the best places to practice double jumps because of the leveled surface that makes it easy for a rider to maneuver in and out of the stunt.

3. Heel Clicker. This stunt requires longer air time as compared to single jumps. Big air can be produced by steeper ramps and more acceleration prior to hitting the ramp. At lift off, get that peak of your air and lift your feet up kicking then clicking outside your arms. It is important that you have a firm hold on your quad bike as the momentum of this stunt can jolt the quad out of your hands and result to the stunt going out of control. Put feet back down and assume a crouched position in preparation for the landing.

4. Cliffhanger. Another stunt that requires the most amount of air time. As you launch from the lip, use the energy to thrust yourself. With one swift go, raise your arms simultaneously stretching your legs to your toes and catch the lower part of the quad’s handlebars. With head up, reach back for the handlebar grips while booting your feet back to conventional position and land with bent knees.

5. Donuts. Dry land and sandy terrain works best for this trick. Half past the throttle lean into a turn. Crank handlebars then buzz on the throttle. Avoid leaning overly inside the loop.

Performing quad bike stunts take a lot of time and practice, despite the fact that they look so wild, stunt performances entail a lot of discipline and bordering on one’s own capabilities. Quad bike riding is a fun sport on its own, though with a little time and effort; you can jack it up a notch by adding a trick or two to your activity.

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