Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran, the Most Visited Beaches in Southern of Bali

If you are looking for exciting island night life, an unparalleled range of shopping choice and restaurant serving gourmet dishes from every continent, Kuta will please you. So will the surf and the sunsets along one of then world’s most famous beaches. If you choose one of the hotels in Kuta or next door Legian that is located in its own compound, you will be pleasantly insulated from the noise and commotion. Yet that very noise and commotion help make up the excitement which lures millions every year.

Somewhat quieter and generally a bit more up market is Sanur, on the eastern coast of southern Bali and about 20 minutes north of the airport by the highway. Here again, there are dozen of good hotels, fine restaurants of all kinds and boutique in every description. There is little wave action along the beach, so Sanur is the best palce for beginners who want to try their hand of windsurfing. There are many historic temples and other holy site in the neighborhoods of Sanur. Some, in fact are located right on the ground of five star hotels.

Perhaps the ideal compromise in southern Bali is the community now being called Tuban. It is one kilometer stretch along the ocean between the airport and central Kuta itself. Here, resorts have settled quietly alongside local village without having any disturbing effect on the people who live in them. Tuban is extremely clean as the result of co-operative effort between hotels and community members. Sign along the street are restrained. Down Tuban meandering gangs (lanes) are temple where offerings are made daily. Yet, for all of the area’s relative tranquility, the excitement of Kuta and Legian are within walking distance.

Bali largest enclave of luxury resort hotels is in Nusa Dua, are carefully planned district of the eastern rim of the Bukit peninsula, which hangs off the southern end of Bali almost like a teardrop. Planning for Nusa Dua began in the 1970s, with the first hotel opening in the mid 1980s. Each of the eight hotels in operation along a single stretch of immaculate beach is surrounded by extensive grounds lush with foliage. It is possible to stroll from one hotel to another along broad walkways. There are no roving souvenir vendors on the street of Nusa Dua, and every few on the beach, because they are excluded under the terms of the much-admired Nusa Dua plan.

Every Nusa Dua resort offers its guest a complete holiday experience: accommodation in large room, suite or bungalow, a broad choices of restaurant and lounges, performances of traditional Balinese music and dance on a regular basis, well-stocked art and handicraft boutiques right on the premises and the opportunity to take guided tours by car, van or bus to other parts of the island. For many travelers from around the world, a week at Nusa Dua resort will be easiest and most problem-free way to experience Bali.

Jimbaran Bay, located at the northern end of the Bukit peninsula and just minute south of the airport, is another tourism area of growing importance. The bay itself forms a backdrop to a broad sweeping crescent of beach that is one of the Bali’s best. Jimbaran is also well-known as fisherman’s village and the centre of seafood restaurants that spread along the seashore. Rising behind the beach is a range of low hills, two of island’s most up-market resort are already located here, with more to follow in the future. Yet the Jimbaran area is likely to remain less crowded than Kuta or Legian.

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