Scotland Vacation For Your Next Holiday

You have been working hard all year long and now it is time for your vacation. A Scotland vacation is just perfect to unwind, see something new, get some exercise, and become one with nature. You may already know what to expect from a Scotland vacation. Things like majestic castle ruins, rolling hillocks, misty lochs, tall sea cliffs, and an exciting pub scene. There is just so much to do and see in Scotland, where do you start deciding what to include on your itinerary.


Are you a golfer? Even if you are not a Scotland golf vacation is going to be entertaining. Scotland is the birthplace of golf, so of course, it is dotted with wonderful golf courses. You do not need to be a golf pro to play a game at many of the Scotland’s scenic golf courses. It would be a good idea to try golf at home if you are a complete novice.


Not only can you enjoy great fish and seafood when you visit Scotland at the many restaurants and pubs, but you can also go fishing to catch your own. Scotland is a wet country with plenty of streams, rivers, lochs, and ocean to choose from. Fishing is a big pastime in Scotland, so finding tackle shops and guides is not a problem.

Urban Cities

Scotland’s Urban Cities are real happening places these days. The Scottish people are fun loving and friendly, so making new friends in local pubs is easy. If you are interested in history then the big cities like Glasgow are perfect places to sight see. Take in the enchanting architecture everywhere, roam the many museums, and follow a lovely foot path into the wilder areas. Scotland’s cities good places to find all types of accommodations. You can book anything from youth hostels to a room in a castle hotel.

No matter how you decide to take this vacation, remember to take the time to relax and enjoy yourself.

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