Self-Reflection: How to Accept Your Flaws While Celebrating Your Strengths

One of the keys to attaining a reasonably healthy level of self-confidence is accepting that we have natural strengths as well as flaws.

Self-reflection is merely an act of evaluating one’s self. And one usually deals not in terms of what one has materially, but specific attributes and strengths in one’s character. Along the same lines, self-reflection isn’t complete if one doesn’t deal with his weaknesses.

Physical Flaws Can Be “Unique Beauty Marks”

In the entertainment industry, it’s a well-known fact that aspiring models or celebrities are often told to have certain distinguishing features in their physical appearance surgically removed, or “corrected,” to project the illusion of looking “flawless” in photo shoots.

Among the most common “flaws” are curly, wavy, or “frizzy” hair, a gap between the front teeth, too many freckles, too-thick or too-thin lips, a mole, or a birthmark.

And yet, beauty standards keep changing over the years. A female teen model with an obvious gap between her two front teeth have made it to the glossy pages of Seventeen in the late ’90s. Girls with wavy or curly hair can have their tresses cut or styled in a certain way to reduce fullness and volume.

Freckles are now regarded as “desirable” on a model’s face, to the point that a specific type of cosmetic is now being sold so users can “dab” artificial freckles on their cheeks.

Certain shades of lipstick can be applied on too-thick lips to minimize their fullness, and a layer of lip gloss and lip pencil can make thin lips seem thicker.

Making Up for An Apparent Lack of Stature or Talent After Adequate Self-Reflection

Amateur athletes can get discouraged from pursuing a professional career in sports if they’re shorter in stature than the average basketball player, or if they don’t have as much heft or agility than the average athlete that makes it as a pro football or hockey player.

But if an aspiring athlete remains determined to make it to the pros after much self-reflection, he must accept the demands of the sport he chose. For example, while little to nothing can be done to increase one’s height, an athlete can either bulk up to improve his defensive skills, or get leaner to enable him to move quicker.

Short-Term and Long-Term Planning as Results of Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is crucial when making wise career decisions. It takes huge chunks of time, effort, and money just to qualify for the majority of occupations, which means a lot of short-term and long-term planning must be involved.

Nowadays, attending college or university isn’t the only option students can take after high school. Time and again, it has been proven that the skilled trades pay qualified workers competitively.

There are also fields like data entry, medical billing, legal transcription, hairstyling, and graphic design that don’t require years of education and training. Usually, gaining a certificate or diploma after a six-month or a year-long course is enough to land a job.

With numerous choices being made available, a high school graduate must be extremely honest in the process of self-reflection. He might jot down his natural inclinations or interests under “Strengths,” and a lack of aptitude in certain areas can be categorized as “Weaknesses.”

How Important is Self-Reflection in the Success of a Group / Team?

If one were to contribute to his team at the workplace, his church ministry or religious organization, and even the place where he volunteers, he must have done enough self-reflection to identify how he can do his part.

To illustrate, in a group of seven employees who’s in charge of coming up with a brand’s marketing strategy, one might act as the project manager delegating tasks, and another one might gather facts or data.

Still, another member can schedule and organize meetings, and one can type on a laptop while others pitch a variety of ideas.

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