Skiing in Paltinis

More and more tourists choose Austria when it comes to ski holidays. But if we want to ski in Romania, what options do we have?

The Paltinis ski slide, also known as the Oncesti slide, is situated in the northwestern part of the Cindrel Mountains, on the Oncesti massif, in Paltinis, one of the most popular mountainside cities from the Meridional Carpatian chain.

The tradition of this slide is old, mainly because Paltinis is the first touristical ski town in Romania.

The slide, but also the city of Paltinis, are strong related to Sibiu, the cultural capital of Romania, through a modern highway that also strikes the gorgeous land of Marginimea Sibiului.

Because of the over 1450m altitude, the slide has a montane climate defined by low temperatures and abundant snow which make numerous winter sports possible, including skiing.

Because the snow batch is very resistant, it lasts from December till April, Paltinis stays the number one choice for most of the winter sports lovers.

The Oncesti ski slide 1 is perfect both for the experienced athletes and the beginners, having an intermediate level of difficulty and being equipped with a cable transport installation with ski lift and baby lift. It is 1052 m long and also has a nocturnal installation.

Another destination all the winter sports lovers prefer is the Ski and Snowboard Resort Arena Platos, a big touristic resort situated in Poiana Poplacii, between Sibiu and Paltinis.

How do we get there?

Ski and Snowboard Resort Arena Platos is situated on DJ 106 A, which links Sibiu with Paltinis. It is on the left side of the road, on your way to Paltinis, from Sibiu, in Poiana Poplacii. If you are not driving your way there, you should know you have buses and mini vans that can take you there, on a route from Sibiu to Paltinis.

Where do we check-in?

There are many accommodation centers, hostels and hotels in Paltinis, situated very close to the slide. With a little research done you can definitely find the perfect place for you and your family or friends. When we say perfect, we mean excellent food, comfort and a warm welcoming.

What are the conditions for skiing?

The resort has five slides, four of them having lengths between 600 and 700 m and one being for children and beginners, with a length of 250m. For the cable transport you have four ski lifts.

The slides have efficient long length installation, with a capacity of over 1200 people per hour. All the slides have nocturnes and a water basin, specially built for supplementing the artificial snow cannons. There is also a slide for the little sleighs and a Fun Park for the pro riders.


For the adults, the prices differ depending on the time of the day they want to ski. For the children that are under 6 and are accompanied by their parents, everything is free. Groups of minimum 10 people get a 10% discount.

All of these being said, start packing your luggage (don’t forget your ski boots), call your friends and drive up together to a ski adventure in Paltinis!

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