Snowboarding Lake Tahoe – Best Cheapest Deals to Maximize Your Snowboard Experience!

Snowboarding Lake Tahoe – Best Cheapest Deals to Maximize Your Snowboard Experience!

Okay turkeys, so you love snowboarding!

You are from the Bay Area or somewhere in driving range of Lake Tahoe, you love boarding at Alpine Meadows, Diamond Peak, Mt. Rose, Northstar at Tahoe, Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl, Boreal, Donner Ski Ranch, Soda Springs, Tahoe Donner, Heavenly, Homewood, Kirkwood, or Sierra at Tahoe, but you want to make sure you are getting the most out of each season because snowboarding AIN’T CHEAP!

Well, with you in mind and after eons on exhaustion, I have put together your perfect snowboarding guide.
Here is how to plan your snowboard trip.

1) Weather, check the weather! You are going to want to know if you need 4 wheel drive, chains, or if you will need to leave early to beat the storm and/or traffic!

2) Transportation, personally, I prefer to get a few more people involved, rent a car and save yourself the headache of wear and tear on your car especially if you don’t have 4 wheel drive. Splitting the cost of a rental car and gas with four people can bring your transportation cost to as low as $25 a head. In addition, if you can’t put a group together to cut cost or you just don’t like driving in the snow, you may want to consider taking a bus. There are many bus companies where you find great deals for a bus trip to and from Lake Tahoe or your favorite ski resort mountain.

3) Tickets! Did you get a season’s pass? If you plan on going 5 or more times, this is your most cost effective option. If you plan on going more than once but not quite more than 5 times, you might want to consider a “multiple day pass” available at many of these mountains. If you just want to go one day, or to multiple mountains, Craigslist often has great deals by people trying to unload their ticket. Our personal favorite is the “Double Whammy” Seasons pass offered at $219 if purchased early in the season and you are a student. If you are not a student, perhaps you might consider taken a couple classes at your local community college and save yourself a bundle of money.

4) Over Nights? Our favorite cheap hotel with hot tub is called The Tahoe Inn. If you are feeling adventurous you might try to look up the Couch Surfing organization for a free stay and maybe even a new friend. =) If you are set on finding a different hotel, look up the Kayak website for great discount offers.

5) Community? Want to find other like minded snowboarders? Google SnowPals organization to find group trips and other discount organized events.

6) Equipment, Boards, Clothing? Sierra Snowboard store is on the way to Lake Tahoe from the Bay Area and is HUGE with great price deals and discounts. You can also try Burton or the House Snowboarding Company. For great protective gear search for XSportsProtective. And if you know your size, we recommend first searching eBay or Craigslist or Amazon.

We hope you benefited from our information, we have a ton more with links on our website.

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