Solving Common Storage Problems With Clothes Hangers

Considering that they are more delicate and precious than standard clothing items, expensive clothes and luxurious garments should be stored properly with proper clothes hangers. This ensures that the owners of the clothes would not have to spend time and money on temporary fixes.

Here are common storage problems that homeowners might come across:

Broken/Loose threads and fabric deterioration
Hangers made of poor quality materials cause garments to sag. Fabrics that are thinning may also become prone to broken and loose threads. Padded closet accessories can help avoid this problem. These protect delicate garments such as camisoles, lingerie, and other intimate apparel from snagging on any rough and sharp edges. If any clothes are found with minor damage, these must be immediately sent to a seamstress for mending to prevent it from worsening.

Holes and tears
Common causes of this problem include using poorly-made hangers, loose threads left unfixed, and insects. Small holes can be sent to a seamstress for patching. However, this may permanently affect the look of the clothes and the integrity of the material. To prevent these problems for jackets, pants, and coats, they can be stored in garment bags and hung on strong wood hangers.

Stretching, sagging, and bulging
These problems occur when garments are stored in a hanging position for a long time on a weak hanger. This is why clothes that can only be worn during one particular fashion season such as evening gowns and should be regularly checked for these problems. Steaming and ironing these clothes as well as sending them to the dry cleaners can lessen the severity of the problem. Using high-quality clothes hangers is also advisable since they provide support to heavy garments.

Crammed storage spaces are the most common causes of this problem. Using fabric softeners can make garments more resistant to wrinkling. Ironing or steaming the dresses can get rid of wrinkles, depending on its severity.

As excellent space-savers, using well-made metal or thin acrylic hangers prevents this problem by ensuring that there is ample space between garments. These also prevent dimpling which are basically wrinkles that are tougher to get rid of.

Overcrowded closets facilitate inadequate airflow between garments which can cause fabric discoloration. Clothes that are frequently washed should also be monitored for this problem since cleaning chemicals can cause discoloration if clothes are not completely dry.

Carefully choosing the right high-quality hangers for different garments, such as thinner ones for shirts and thicker ones for jackets, can improve air flow by helping to create sufficient space between garments. This also ensures that clothes do not come in contact with each other, thus preventing color transfer.

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