Spending a Busy Day in Kingston Jamaica

A day in the life of Kingston Jamaica! Immerse yourself in this enchanting city following this handy itinerary. Whether you are dropping in for just a quick visit, or planning to stay for a longer vacation, Kingston Jamaica will keep you entertained for your entire journey. So get planning and get travelling.

Before you leave home, prepare for the climate of Kingston by strategically packing a few important items. Kingston is hot and humid year round with a dominant wet tropical climate. Bring your comfortable walking shoes, beachwear and airy clothing, along with a hat and some sunscreen to protect against the Caribbean rays. For your journey into the Blue Mountains, bring along a sweater and rain gear along with some good hiking shoes. Once you have everything in your bag, it is time to go!

After arriving in Kingston Jamaica, head over to your chosen accommodation. Being a large and developed city in the Caribbean, Kingston offers a variety of staying options, from luxury large resorts, to inexpensive hostels, to quaint bed and breakfasts run by locals, to standard hotels. Do some advanced research to ensure you get the best deal and have the amenities you are expecting on arrival. Stash your luggage, change your clothes, and get ready for your busy day!

The first half of our day is spent checking out the ‘natural’ side of Kingston Jamaica. Despite being a large cosmopolitan city, Kingston is filled with natural beauty that will leave you in awe. So, let’s avoid the heat of the day and head out in the morning to some of the top natural sites. We will start our journey at the Hope Botanical Gardens, the largest gardens in the Caribbean, containing some amazing local and international flora. After a walk through this garden, we can head over to Emancipation Park, a green space in the middle of the city that offers some fun activities. Walk through the tree lined space, or chill out on a bench listening to local bands, this is certainly a great place to take in the real Kingston.

After our natural morning, we are certainly hungry, so it is time to head out for some lunch. Local fare is one of the things that makes Kingston famous the world over. Plenty of restaurants and cafes offer unique cuisine, many of which is cooked with the famous jerk spice that makes Jamaican food so famous. You can also try some local seafood, often cooked with extreme spice to test even the hottest mouth. Or, sample the local varieties of curry, reflective of Jamaica’s varied cultural background. If you are distressed by the many choices, don’t worry, dinner will come soon enough!

After some lunch, it is time to see the ‘city’ side of Kingston Jamaica. There are a number of museums and historic sites, far too many to see in one afternoon. Choose between the National Gallery of Jamaica, a fabulous compilation of Jamaican and international art. If you are an art lover, but prefer the musical variety, the Bob Marley Museum is a must see alternative. Both museum and historic site, this is a stop for every fan, featuring unique and personal items of this famous musical icon.

Depending on how much time you spend wandering the museum of your choice, you should have some time for a historical site. We can journey over to Port Royal, largely a reconstruction of the infamous port from pirate lore. An interactive museum along with a number of reconstructed buildings allow you to experience the port during its heyday.

If you would rather stay low key, head over to the Devon House. One of the best examples of Kingston Jamaica local architecture and once home to a famous resident of Kingston, the Devon House is a quaint and quiet spot to spend your afternoon. Don’t forget to have an ice cream while you are there, famous the island over!

After some dinner, our day is done but the night is just beginning. There are plenty of nightlife options to keep you going into the night, if you aren’t too tired yet! Check out a local dance club, reggae band, or theatre production. Kingston Jamaica doesn’t stop at night and neither should you. Ask at your hotel for the best spots to check out or pick up brochures from local tourist shops to guide your journey through Kingston at night. Stick to the road more travelled in the dark, but let loose and enjoy your time.

It has been a long, full day, but it is time to get ready for tomorrow. If you are in an active mood, we will head over to the Blue Mountains for a hike. Catering to different difficulty levels, we are bound to find a trail to explore at just the right pace. Don’t forget your camera, the scenery is breathtaking from these heights.

If you would prefer to soak up the quiet laid back beats of the country, head over to the famous beaches of Kingston instead. Here you can lay back and kick back, enjoying the serenity of a tropical beach.

Whatever you choose for day two, it is time to get some rest and get your adventurous spirit ready for another fabulous day of discovery in Kingston Jamaica.

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