Stop Shrinking To Fit Places You’ve Outgrown

Stop shrinking to fit places you’ve outgrown. That saying is more pertinent today than ever before. Have you ever seen a cat curl up in the bathroom sink? It’s such a cool and comfortable place for them to go. What if a giant Great Dane puppy was trying to fit into the bathroom sink? That suggestion doesn’t seem like a very comfortable fit. Could that be you in your preparation to go back to work after the lockdown?

If you have found yourself without a job during the pandemic and are dreading going back to the place that paid the bills but you didn’t necessarily enjoy, now is the time to search for a place where you naturally fit in perfectly. Ask yourself what you enjoy or what you have spent time doing during the lockdown that might pay the bills because at this time there are worker shortages in every profession.

I lived in a ski area for several years and because of the high cost of living, there was always a shortage of year-round workers. Because of this, in addition to my regular profession (which I enjoyed, by the way) I was able to learn how to fly a hot air balloon, as well as work as a Disc Jockey on the local rock radio station. Imagine being able to be the voice of your town on the weekends while thousands of people were skiing and riding the chair lifts with your voice broadcasting everywhere.

My regular job in the ski area involved choreographing music for aerobic classes, which found a place on my resume that was relevant to playing rock music on the radio. It happened because there was a shortage of workers at the time. This hobby as the regular weekend jock lasted for over fifteen years and paid for all of the extras that my son needed for skiing.

Now is a perfect time to fit yourself in to a place that you would like to be rather than squeezing yourself into that job that you no longer enjoy. It begins with taking a look at your current hobbies, your current resume, and your current mindset. If you can’t find a relative experience on your resume, then you may have to perk up your personality and convince the hiring person that you have a passion for the job that they are offering.

Also, due to the lock-downs, many certifications are offered online that require minimal effort. An expert certification can show you to be qualified for self-employment. Now is the time to go for it.

If you love fitness, a Personal Trainer certification can be rigorous if it’s your first time to see the information, but it isn’t rocket science. Becoming a document signer (usually available through your state) can allow you to go into people’s homes for out-of-state real estate documents and get paid by the page. Mobile Notaries are quite popular, and a friend of mine has opened a business for senior citizens where she prepares meals in their own home (no health department or kitchen regulations) and leaves a week worth of meals for them to thaw each day. She enjoys the goodness benefits of helping someone.

The world is opening up and professions are changing like never before. I believe that most jobs will be re-imagined as things open and now is the time to get creative and give it a try. If you don’t have a resume, there are plenty of software programs and online companies for less that $100.00 to design one for you. Better yet, maybe you could buy one of these programs and create a resume for someone else.

If I wasn’t happily retired to sit in the window and listen to the birds while writing articles, I might try one of these ideas myself. Think about going after that new venture now because you may never see this opportunity again.

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