Taveuni Island in Fiji – Enjoy A Beach Vacation in Paradise

Some people relax by heading for a busy resort, filled with bustling nightlife and packed bars. Myself, I prefer to find a secluded spot with deserted beaches and clear blue water, where I can rest, think, and recharge. I want to eat wonderful food, enjoy a refreshing cocktail, read a book that makes me laugh out loud, and be gently pampered in quiet luxury. Aaah, paradise … and I found it, on Taveuni Island in Fiji.

Taveuni Island has been called Fiji’s mystery island, a volcanic outcrop 42 kilometers long and only 9 kilometers wide. The island is divided along its spine by a high ridge, and verdant rain forests spill down each side of the ridge towards the coast. Much of the southeastern coastline is accessible only by boat, while the northwest of the island has several beautiful small beaches. The island is a treasure trove of flowers and tropical plants including the rare tagimacuia flower, found next to its namesake, Lake Tagimacuia, the most popular tourist attraction on Taveuni.


Taveuni’s resorts are small and intimate; most have no more than 20 or 30 guests at any time. The Taveuni Palms Resort, arguably the most luxurious on the islands, has just two villas, each with their own private chef and staff. Other world-class resorts include the Maravu Plantation, the Taveuni Island Resort, and Susie’s Plantation Resort.


Taveuni Island offers many of the sports and recreational activities you’d expect from an island paradise — including hiking, swimming, and kayaking — but diving is the magnet that draws many visitors to Taveuni. There are three major dive areas on Taveuni’s coastline, including the Rainbow Reef, one of the world’s best soft coral reefs. The Great White Wall is an extraordinary attraction for divers, a luminescent tunnel of coral where you’ll see hundreds of beautiful fish while surrounded by the glow of white coral. There are several full-service dive operations on Taveuni Island, catering to every level of experience from the complete novice to certified divers.

Travel to Taveuni Island

Taveuni is in the South Pacific, with flights available to Fiji’s international airport in Nadi from Los Angeles, Sydney and Auckland. The hour-long flight from Nadi to Taveuni is a breathtaking sightseeing experience as you fly over the outer islands and clear blue ocean. Most resorts will arrange your ground transportation on Taveuni, with staff to greet you at the airport.

If a crowded and noisy vacation is your idea of paradise, Taveuni Island isn’t for you. But if, like me, you crave a serene and peaceful beauty in a tropical wonderland, Taveuni is paradise itself.

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