Teaching English in Mexico: Acapulco Part 2

Weekends are made for the sun, surf and sand, but during the week, there’s work to be done in Acapulco. Imagine going at lunch to watch the world-renown cliff divers or passing a free evening sipping a Coco-loco or Mai-tai on the beach as the sun turns the Pacific Ocean to gold and copper hues. Such is the lure of one of Mexico’s premiere playgrounds. But all play and no work makes Jack (or Jackie) a dull person, so let’s get to work bringing home the bacon so to speak. English language teaching professionals can find rewarding, stimulating work to offset the resort atmosphere that pervades everyday life here. Try these English language teaching schools for example.

Universidad Americana de Acapulco

Address: Costera Miguel Aleman No. 1756

Fracc. Magallanes

Phones: 986-5341,42 486-5618,19 485-3149,53

Website: http://www.uaa.edu.mx

E-Mail: [email protected]

You’ll need a fair cache of qualifications to land something here, but it’s worth a shot as salaries can be quite lucrative depending on your background and experience. Benefits can be interesting too, including tuition for advanced studies. Programs for English teachers are taught here and you might likewise have some luck with offering up-dated courses in Advanced Conversation, U.S. History or North American Studies. The first step should be to visit their web site for program details, then follow up with a series of concise e-mails to make proposals. The site here isn’t that big though and you might have better luck working from other university offices in Chilpancingo or even Mexico City, but don’t pass up an opportunity to interview or inquire directly here in Acapulco.


Address: Velasquez de Leon 485-A altos 2 Centro

Phone: 483-2344

An individualized audio-visual system is employed here, supposedly making classes more dynamic for students of all ages. The institute isn’t huge but can have a fair number of students at various times of the year. If you have business experience or can teach business English, so much the better. Be sure to bring up those points during an interview or application process. Classes tend to be early or late with a few during the day offerings.

Centro Universitario de Lenguas Extranjeras

Address: Mar de Akaba Ote. 8

Fracc. Las Anclas (in front of the offices of La Estrella de Oro bus lines)

Phones: 485-3587, 486-9855

Other languages, in addition to English, are often taught here, depending on the time of year, but English is their big draw. Native speakers are always in high demand, especially those who are career teachers and not just “tourists passing through”. You may well spend your evenings and weekends at the beach or in the myriad of discos, but by all means do present and conduct yourself as a professional during interviews and working hours. That will afford you excellent opportunities of landing a decent contract here (or elsewhere).

Instituto de Educacion Superior “JAIME TORRES BODET”

Address: Av. La Suiza No. 160

Fracc. Las Playas (Caleta)

Phones: 482-6121, 482-3777, 483-8184

E-Mail: [email protected]

This mid-size school runs programs for children and adults in addition to its intensive summer courses in July and August. It’s in a fairly upscale section of town so the students pay well to attend classes here. This gives you better options, as a native English speaker, to negotiate a good salary. They may well ask for you to teach a “sample” lesson too, so be prepared.

Be sure to check out my other articles in the two continuing series: Teaching English in Mexico and Traveling in Mexico. If you would like more information, have questions or comments, the author can be e-mailed; see address below.

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