The Beautiful Snells Beach in New Zealand

Snells beach is located near Auckland city in vicinity of Kawau Island and it is a great place to visit. It is in centre of great Matakana coast wine country area. It is surrounded by many beautiful and amazing parks, stunning beaches and bays with opportunities of many adventures such as exploring hottest vineyards, pleasant visits to beaches, restaurants, and cafes, Worth watching arts and crafts with awesome golf courses along with activities such as fishing, diving and amazing wilderness.

Always visit us whenever you are in Auckland as we offer privileges and luxuries of high magnitude such as house of New Zealand’s first governor general, swimming, the abandoned copper mine and exploiting the beautiful island too. New Zealand’s first marine park, goat island is a special treat as it offers once in a life time opportunity to swim with fish, watch exciting marine life, reefs and other splendid sea things and creatures. Either take a cruise to Kawau Island or visit potteries (local craft work) or take pleasure from kayaking/ canoeing around different bays and giving various routs. The cruise gives you a great view of the historic mansion house with a 360 degree view. Matakana craft market is never to be missed.

When you think it’s over, there is more in form of a special walking trip to meet fowls, sheep and our special Manx cat. The reptile park at Leigh is another good place to visit. Last but not the least is Kauri trees, two regional parks and many local gardens for you specially.

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