The Need For a Wakeboarding Tower

Wakeboarding is a water sport with gaining immense popularity. This is a sport that requires a special board and a motorboat especially made for this extreme sport. Top quality equipment is essential to ensure the safety of the rider.

Besides having a good board, another element which can make or break your wakeboarding experience is the motorboat. The motorboat used in wake boarding is different from a regular motorboat. Although it is possible to wakeboard behind every motorboat, but it is advisable to use a motorboat especially made for wake boarding.

One of the most prominent features that distinguishes a regular motorboat from a motorboat meant for wakeboarding is the presence of a wakeboarding tower. When the riders began to realize that a higher tie-off point increased their hang time on their boards they used an extended pylon in order to raise the tie-off point. Now, the boarding tower makes it possible to elevate the area where the tow-rope is attached, increase stability and offer a place to hang equipment to de-clutter the boat’s floor. Adding the tower will improve your boarding experience and also increase the style quotient of your boat. It can convert any ordinary boat into the ideal boat for the perfect boarding session. Other accessories like racks, lights, and speakers, can also be added to the tower.

Buying a tower:

Because of the convenience, popularity and demand of the wakeboarding tower most manufacturers offer to include the towers during sale. If you are buying a new boat, it is advisable to buy a boat with a boarding tower already attached to it because most boat manufacturers work closely with wakeboard tower manufacturers. Therefore, the accessories that you can order with your boat will be of top quality and the boat manufacturers are sure to get a great deal. It is best to have the tower professionally installed by the manufacturer because they have a good idea about the type of tower which will best suit your boat.

If you already have a boat and want to update it by adding a boarding tower, making sure you buy the best possible type of tower for your needs can be puzzling. You can have a tower custom-made by the manufacturer. You will need to provide your exact boat measurements and preferences. There are certain pros and cons of having a custom-made tower.


o They fit your boat perfectly.

o They can be in the shape and color you wish.

o They are more stable.


o They are more expensive.

o They take longer to get delivered.

You can also opt for an adjustable tower. These are sold directly. They have certain pros and cons too. Such as:


o They are relatively cheaper than custom-made towers.

o They are always in stock and ready to ship.


o They are available in only a few colors.

o They are required to be fitted by the customer.

Wakeboarding towers are a must-have on your boat to truly have the best wakeboarding experience possible.

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