The Tradition of Champagne Balloon Flights

The Tradition of Champagne Balloon Flights

In the pages of history, champagne balloon flights are found to have a very different meaning than the celebratory flights of today. On the earliest flights, champagne was brought by aeronauts as a way to calm skeptics and angry landowners, which allowed the balloon to take flight. Through the years, a traditional balloonist’s toast was born to commemorate a safe landing after an enjoyable flight. Today, champagne flights are commonly scheduled for proposals, birthdays, and other landmark events.

Although champagne is most often saved until after landing, the flights are commonly referred to as “champagne flights” signifying that the passengers request bubbly at the conclusion of their journey. From the earliest manned flight in 18th century France, to modern day adventures across the globe, balloon rides have changed through the years. However, certain traditions seem deeply imbedded in the roots of hot air ballooning and will probably remain there forever. The most well known part of the tradition of ballooning can be found at the conclusion of the flight in the sound of a popping cork. Happy passengers rejoice as they toast to a successful journey.

Scheduling a champagne balloon flight might be something one chooses to celebrate many of life’s joyous occasions, but they are often celebrating accomplishing the balloon ride they’ve wanted to take for a lifetime. Birthday wishes are often expressed with a “happy birthday” hot air balloon and a bottle of champagne, as are congratulatory wishes after a marriage proposal high in the sky. No matter what the reason, it seem to be the perfect occasion to share a toast with special friends and enjoy a tradition that spans centuries.

From the French aeronauts to modern day balloon pilots, the champagne toast has stood the test of time through the evolution of hot air ballooning. Whether one is celebrating a special event, or enjoying another adventure, a champagne toast seems the best way to end a balloon flight. It is no wonder the practice has survived the centuries, and is being enjoyed more now that perhaps ever before. Even without the traditional balloonists’ toast, the popping of champagne at the conclusion of a successful high sky adventure is a traditional worth savouring. Early morning or late evening, one can enjoy the flight with a special conclusion in the form of a toast. Champagne balloon flights are both a distinct tradition and a remarkable adventure.

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